Leather Love: Leather Jacket & Maxi Dress

5/17/2011 07:12:00 PM

 This is the outfit I wore on Sunday... Wanted to post it on Sunday night but I add blogger issues, which most of you are aware of. 
Hubs and I just went to pick up lunch and I bought some pretty mugs, more on that in another post.

This leather jacket has to be my favourite piece of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. Can you believe its about 2 years old? Looks brand new IMO!
I have had a love/hate relationship with it. When I first bought it, I loved it but hardly wore it. Last year I hated it and wore it maybe twice. 
This year however, I love it! I plan to get more wear out of it this Winter, I love the edgy feeling it gives off! It's a biker style leather jacket but I think is classic and I should get many more years out of it!

Leather Jacket - Vertigo
Maxi Dress - YDE
Sling Bag - Guess
Wedges - Edgars
Teamed it with a black maxi dress, lace up wedge booties and a animal print scarf.
Also featuring my beaut of a watch Hubs bought me. It's a anniversary and birthday gift all in one. Our 1st anniversary was on the 9th of May and my birthday is on the 25th. 
This is the first time I'm wearing it... Am very clumsy and constantly knocking myself into walls, chairs etc (I'm usually full of bruises) and I'm afraid I'll scratch it or worse, break it!

Speaking about my birthday... I will be the BIG 25 on the 25th of May! Very scary thought... I'm getting old!

Things to make me feel better: A lovely lady commented on my 9th May 2010 post saying she can't believe I'm married, because I look so young! :)
AND The lovely LaaLaa Monroe also tweeted me (Follow Me)  last night saying that I look much younger... Not 25, more like 18/19! 

Love me some compliments :) :)
That is no way my way of hinting that I'm looking for compliments :P

Kisses + Hugs

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  1. How stunning are you!!! This is my favorite outfit of the day--Love the scarf, the jacket, the shoes, everything!!! You are absolutely beautiful and p.s. I totally thought you were asian too lol!!! oxox

  2. Aww Maryam Maquillage ^_^
    Thank you my lovely, coming from a gorgeous girl like you, it means alot :)
    And about the Asian thing, I get it ALOT!
    When I was in China and Hong Kong, locals were speaking to me and I had NO idea what they were saying... They must have thought I was so rude, lol :)


  3. Great look, honey!Love the maxi and the scarf!xoxo

  4. this is cute, love your style <3

  5. I'm LOVING the jacket!! I'm still on the hunt actually the prowl. I'm tempted to skin a cow or kudu to be honest! That is how desperate I am!! LOL.


  6. You do look so young! But its a good thing! I love your outfit! Esp the clutch:)


  7. I love your style! You look amazing!

    P.S. I thought the same! I honestly thought you were an 18/19 year old college student at the beginning! LOL. You look great for your age! xo

  8. Oh you look great, the jacket, & clutch is just stunning.

    xo $ARMIN

  9. That jacket is all rock star-ish and you are carrying it off so well.

    Love the watch, your hubby is such a sweetie! :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. lala LAHV your whole outfit, ESPECIALLY the wedge booties!!! Thanks for your lovely comment.

  11. This is my go-to outfit as well! Long, black, drapy maxi dress with a black leather jacket or (depending on weather) a cardigan on top. <3 So comfy and stylish. You look great! :)

  12. love your outfit, im desp searching for a leather jacket, but its soo expensive, than its not even real leather i mean, theres faux leather jackets at legit for R300, than another shop would charge R1000 also for a faux leather, i dont even know which shops sell the real deal. its sad

  13. where in cape town do you stay? wow, your road looks super clean lol

  14. Thank you dolls!

    Anonymous, my leather jacket is from Vertigo.
    Pleather (faux leather) looks like plastic and has a shiny appearance.
    If it's genuine leather, it should say so!

  15. Oh lord....I adore this look on you!
    So fabulous!


  16. of course you look gorgeous!!! omg honest, i thought you were around my age (19) but then I saw your wedding pics and your age and was shocked! for realll!!! but my bro-in-law just recently turned 25 and he was feeling sooo old! I'm not there yet but I feel like 25 is not old at all :)

  17. Aww thank you Shayla ^_^



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