MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

5/21/2011 02:01:00 PM

Hello dolls, enjoying your weekend?

A few weeks ago when I posted about my BACK2MAC I mentioned that I initially wanted to pick up MAC's Candy Yum Yum lipstick from the Quite Cute Collection but it was sold out (At all stores in Cape Town)
 Immediately after getting home I sent my cousin who stays in another city, Durban, a message on twitter to ask her if she would check if the MAC store there had it in stock.
And Guess What... She was able to get the last one for me! insert happy dance here!
She posted it the Monday and I got it in the week. I apologise for only posting about it now, but everytime I put it on (even if it was just in the house) I wasn't happy with my make up. 
This afternoon (well, it's evening now) I decided to play around and use Candy Yum Yum lipstick.

Anyway, onto Candy Yum Yum...
It is a BRIGHT pink lipstick! A shocking, neon pink! Definitely NOT for the faint hearted... With that being said, you might wonder why I did want it? (I'm the faint hearted when it comes to make up) As you know, I recently just started wearing a brighter lip and am just getting into it!
Well, the minute I saw it in store and swatched it, I fell in love with it! It's such a pretty colour!
After I asked the MUA to find out which stores had it and they ALL were sold out... I felt like I had to have it! (Talk about, dramatic!)

Much to my delight, my beautiful cousin Zara was able to get it for me! She went out of her way and I really appreciate it!
Thank you, Love you Za! ♥

Here are some pictures...

added some clear gloss
What do you think about it? It's totes bright and scary but soooo pretty!
I have not ventured out in this as yet as I haven't really got the guts TBH! LOL!! It's such a beauty and I really want to but, am still plucking up the courage to do it.

A BIG THANK YOU to Zara... Thank you love! 
When you come down to Cape Town in June, we can both wear it out together ^_^

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Big Bright Kisses...

PS... How many of you noticed that my scarf (used in the products pic of Candy Yum Yum) and my earrings are made from the same material?
Think they must have had left over material and decided to cover some earrings :)
Such a pretty floral scarf, don't you think?

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  1. OMgggg this super adorable-the lippie works sooo well with the floral earrings <3333

  2. you are the QUEEN of bright lipsticks, they are soooo perfect for you--should be your trademark :)) p.s. thanks for your compliment, can you believe I've never dyed my hair, it burns out every summer and goes back to dark in the winter...

  3. No Maryam, you are ^_^

    Wow, really? You look great with light and dark hair... Not many can pull it off, but you're so gorgeous so you can :)


  4. It's super bright and really does suit you. I hope you wear it out soon xx

  5. Thank you Tass!
    Eek! I get nervous just thinking about wearing it out :)


  6. i want that colour, so pretty- i LOVE your earrings!.. u look gorj <3

  7. MW you honey! Thank you! :)


  8. It looks stunning!!! I've been abandoning my bright lipsticks recently :( I'll have to dig them out :) xx

  9. Thank you Lauren Rose :)
    Out with the brights!
    Look forward to seeing a bright lip on you!


  10. hey sweetheart! :)

    thanks for your lovely comments... as always :) I'm feeling still a little bit stressed because of work :/ and how are you?

    the lipstickcolour fits perfectly! I really think that it wouldn't look so well on my lips like yours xD


  11. Oh dear~ you looks so stunning in those lippie! And the color is so bright and suit you very well! LOVELY~ :)

  12. LOVE this lipstick color on you <3 and especially with the gloss :] sooo pretty!


  13. The color looks pretty and bright on you! I don't match with those bright pink color because I look tan! lol

  14. OMG The lipstick is looking fab on you!!! i'm an old follower of yours and I absolutely love how effortlessly you carry such lipsticks and make them look so good on you!:)

  15. I typically don't lean towards pinks this bright but I see myself loving this color with my golden summer tan.

    This color looks fabulous on you. Great swatches too def have to add it to my list.

  16. Thank you dolls!

    You all are too sweet... You all have given me the courage to wear it out :)


  17. I've seen this color on countless blog and everytime I see it, it looks good. No matter what skin tone, it seems to work for everyone!

  18. Pretty lip color! It's Perfect for summer xoxo

  19. Very nice colour! I love the earrings and scarf! so gorgeous :) x

  20. Gorgeous color!Love it and it looks great on you!:)

  21. Gorgeous! Candy Yum Yum is so popular right now :p

  22. Boo! I can't believe I missed out on this!

    Love this l/s on you!

    xo $ARMIN


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