Military Chic

5/24/2011 06:33:00 PM

Military Jacket - Mr Price
Loose Top
Skinny Cargos - Mr Price
Heels - ALDO 
Sling - ALDO
Bow Ring - Sass Diva
Headband (on arm) - Woolworths

Love this Military style green jacket... It's perfect for any weather, any outfit and it's effortless!

I went for neutrals... My favourite colours! 
Paired it with skinny cargo pants, loose top, waist belt and my 1st pair of heels I bought at Aldo a couple of years ago... They are a bit worse for wear now but I still they look good.
I also LOVE how high they are! ALDO always seem to bring this pair out every year in different finishes and styles because it's such a classic!
I wore a patent beige colour on my wedding day... Exact same style but just in a glossy patent finish.

Is there anything you own that you bought a few years ago but still love wearing it?

PS... Hello to the new lovely ladies following my blog ^_^
Can't believe how nicely my little bloggie is growing... It's so exciting!

PPS... It's my birthday tomorrow!
I'm going to be 25 on the 25th ^_^

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  1. Gorgeous look, sweetie!Love everything about it!And happy birthday, hon!Have fun tomorrow!xoxo

  2. Love your skinny cargo, cute as usual!
    Happy 25th birthday-welcome to the club lol

  3. Love the skinny cargos, where are they from???


  4. You look sooo chic. Did you wear this to work?

    I have a pair of wedges from Zara from 5years ago that I still wear. I wish they bring them out again so I can get a backup because I never want to throw them away!

    Happy birthday for tomorrow by the way :D xxx

  5. You look gorgeous woman!!! I LOVE everything seriously! The bow tied around your wrist is amazing :) take care! xoxo

    p.s. Happy birthday tomorrow!!!!

  6. wow i really like this outfit!
    Happy birthday to you !! Hope you have a good one! =]

  7. Gorgeous! I love the whole ensemble! Very chic ;) Happy Birthday hun! xxx

  8. you are looking gorgeous Laiqah!!! And Happy Birthday :DDD

  9. awesome outfit! def. military chic!

  10. Alina, Thank you honey!

    MW, Thank you! There's no way you're 25??

    Anon, they are from Mr Price.

    Tass, Thanks honey... Yup, wore it to work but with flats. (I never wear my nice shoes to work!)

    Thank you Shayla love :)

    Thank you JelenaDoll :)

    Thank you Sana sweeti :)

    Thank you Maryam :)

    Thanks PrettyGirrrlSwag!

    Hugs to you all ♥

  11. omg,do you think mr price still have of those skinny cargo's? i only see the khaki colour in shops, but i want this colour :-(. Woolworths has it, but I'm sure i'll get a cheaper version at mr price.

  12. Anon, when I bought them they were marked down!
    I got mine last week, so you might get lucky and find a pair! (Fingers crossed)
    I want a khaki pair, thanks for the heads up... Will look at Woolworths :)

  13. fab outfit! i am loving that jacket! and by the way...happy birthday!!!!! :)

  14. which mr price? coz some have better stuff than others

  15. Your outfit posts are one of my fave things about your blog!♥

    P.S. I wished you already but, I'll do it again anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)♥

  16. I bought a military jacket at YDE a few years ago. I wear it every season and love it!

    You look lovely!

  17. love the outfit! and happy belated birthday gorgeous! <3


  18. Thank you Saf my love ♥

    Anthea, I'm still on the look out for a nicer, better quality one but for so long, this will do!

    YazmiinAktar thank you honey!


  19. I LOVE your outfit!!!! :) You look like a supermodel! hehe

    I hope you had a wonderful bday!

  20. It's so cool that you're from Cape Town :) I've read SO much literature that takes place in Cape Town :)

  21. Rainy Days and Lattes thanks honey!
    You should def visit Cape Town one day, it's such a beauty! :)



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