Casual Sunday

6/19/2011 05:38:00 PM

As the weekend draws to a close (it's after 5pm here in South Africa) I thought I'd do a quick post on what I wore today. 
Something casual... Hubs and I just went to get some food, we had Simply Asia it was delicious, as always. I also had to RICA my sim card, which I was putting off but as the deadline looms (30 June) I had to do it because I did not want to lose my number. It's very easy with triple numbers :)
Anyway, I went for a very casual, laid back look... It wasn't that cold to wear a jacket and the fact that the stupid malls always put the heat on inside, I decided on nothing fancy just cute :P

 Stripe Top - PnP Clothing
Jeans - Woolworths
Satchel - Gift from China 
Boots - Aldo
Beanie - Woolworths 
Bow Necklace - Mr Price

I have so many handbags but always use this brown satchel... I love how versatile it is. Maybe it's because I use it for work and all my crap is in it that's why I'm constantly grabbing it? 
Do you have a bag that you only use for work and do you use it for both going places and work?

Enjoy the last day of the weekend!

On another note, I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on Everhip lipstick from the Fashion Flower collection (which isn't out in SA yet) after seeing how gorgeous it looks on Lilit from Makeup and Macaroons
As you know I LOVE me some peachy pink lipsticks and this looks GORGEOUS!

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  1. you're always well put together! love the boots.

  2. Thank you MW... These are my favourite pair of boots!

  3. I love your outfits, they're so cute. I have one bag that I take to work and everywhere else, mostly because I cannot be bothered to change bags and move all my things! xx

  4. you are so so pretty! i love this outfit. totally something i would rock too :)

  5. I love the boots. You look very pretty in these pics. Outfit is totally cute and comfy

  6. I think I've pretty much said it all ... you are just the cutest thing!

    ...and you know that I love your outfit posts! xo

  7. It is such a cute outfit, love your beanie! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. Love the outfit, I don't know what it is about navy blue & dark tan colors together that drive me crazy. It's always a win in my eyes. And your necklace is adorable :)

  9. I LOVE your outfit! Especially those boots! xxx

  10. i love this entire look! you look stunning, and the outfit was simple, yet classy! love it :)

  11. Thanks SO MUCH for the lovely comments... You girls sure know how to make my day! ^_^


  12. hiii laiqah!!

    i have to say youre soooooo pretty!love your hair and eyebrows! Absolutely awesome outfit/styling, the beanie and striped tee definitely did it for me!!

    ps thank so much for loving the new installment on the bloggy!!

    Following your blog now!


  13. Aww thats so sweet that Jules commented. Whats nice things she said!

  14. adorable blog!! i'm following you!! follow me? <3

  15. my favorite part is your hat! : )

  16. saved for my fall outfit inspiration (kind of weird that we have opposite seasons!) I went makeup shopping yesterday and thought of you :) I'm trying new lipstick colours hehe

  17. This is so cute! I wish I could put outfits together like that!
    p.s. I know this is probably late but I love your new blog look!


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