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6/18/2011 07:08:00 PM

 Hello girlies, hope you're having a good weekend?
Today was another gorgeous day... Sun was out and I wanted to put on my prettiest outfit!
That OOTD should be up tomorrow or later (as I'm too lazy :))

Earlier this evening I was bored, as Hubby is watching rugby which I have no interest in, so I did what I usually do when I'm bored... I play with my make up and then remembered that the adorable MW from Juicy Beauty Gossip tagged me to do my 10 favourite beauty products. (post seen here http://juicybeautygossip.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-tag-u-u-and-u.html 
I then sat on my bed and started taking out my favourite products... Only to be way over 10, I had 19 :)
I then cut it down to the 10 I could NOT live without. 

1. MAC Face and Body Foundation
2. MAC Shy Girl Lipstick
3. MAC Angel Lipstick 
4. MAC Soba Eyeshadow 
5. MAC Gingerly Blush 
6. MAC By Candlelight MSF
7. MAC Stereo Rose MSF
8. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
9. Loreal Voluminious Mascara
10. Sleek Pixie Pink Blush 

If and when I run out of any of these, I will literally run to re purchase!
My F&B foundation, ShyGirl and Angel lipsticks are almost finished so a trip to MAC is due!

After choosing my Top 10 I decided to play around with make up.
I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'm definitely no pro at applying make up... Most of the time, I'm just winging it! 
I also wish I knew how to apply eyeshadow properly, I suppose I could get better if I practiced a bit. 
Well tonight, I practiced, so to speak. :p
I then also realised how boring I am because I always stick to browns! 
The eyeshadows I used for this look are, Soba, Espresso, Satin Taupe, (all MAC) and some light shimmery beige from a MAC holiday palette.
Lips is MAC Honeylove lipstick and Fashion Whim cremesheen gloss.

excuse the lame pout picture... eyeshadow can be seen nicely so it's justfied :p

 I played around with my sister's Posey cremeblend blush and still have some on here... It's been added to my (ever growing) wishlist :)
I, of course put on some By Candlelight MSF on top! Ha ha (addict)
Also for anyone wondering, that's 3 coats of Loreal Voluminious mascara... Isn't it amazing? My lashes are almost touching my eyebrows.
I give it 2 thumbs up!

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  1. Aww you look sooo cute honey <3

  2. y r u so pretty woman!...any way yayy for doing the TAG ;) and i really need to try the Loreal Voluminious Mascara, always wanted to try it out but i always get something else-boo.

  3. I love MAC!And you look sooo pretty!xoxo

  4. You are such a cutey! PS that necklace where is it from. So adorable!

  5. love mac :D yey!! but it's soooo expensive :/ wish i had so many of them like you :D

    in btw... you look beautiful as always :)


  6. You look gorgeous, lovely and glowy, i want posey too xx

  7. I love all your favorite products! You look gorgeous in your pictures. Love your hair as well.

  8. Your soo gorgeous...I really need to try that Loreal mascara because it makes you have lashes on..FAB


  9. We use a lot of similar products!! I love the Loreal mascara and Rimmel eyebrow pencil! You look stunning by the way! xx

  10. Who said you don't know how to apply eyeshadow? I'd say thats pretty damn good!

    You are so cute! :)


  11. Lovely blog :)
    We have so many similar favs. You look gorgeous too x

  12. Aww so sweet, thank you lovelies ♥

  13. mm you def need to get posey...it looks great on you! and i really want to try out mac f&b foundation!

  14. you are gorgeous!! love the highlight on your cheeks, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. your eyeshadow looks sooo lovely in your "lame" picture which isn't lame at all--you're beautiful!!! show it off!!!

  16. Love your items. You look beautiful.

  17. Wonderful blog - discovered by chance, I was homesick for Cape Town and tried finding piccies online! You've such great style, nevermind what the koe'sisters think about your lippie, eh? ;)

    A gorgeous nude pink for a Kaapie's yellow undertone is Italian Rose by Bobbi Brown. I think the Apricot blush from Bobbi would be a good match too, you can build it up from a natural looking flush to a lovely, bright pop and it looks as if you've just taken a brisk walk on the promenade in autumn :)



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