New Treats

6/04/2011 06:22:00 PM

I treated myself to some new goodies today (lots of clothes, which means no more spending for me!).
Thought I'd share some of the items, except the clothes as they will be shown in Outfit of the day posts in the future and most of them are bought from work. We don't have a dress code at work and I wear what I want, I just choose not to wear my nice clothes to work. Am I the only one? Occasionally, if I'm up for it, I will but really I couldn't really be bothered what I wear to work. 
With the weather getting colder, I realised I had no nice coats and jersey's to wear to work, lucky for me I found a lovely little black one which I don't mind wearing to work, and I spotted another that I liked which I couldn't decide on but think I will get that as well.

 Enough of my rambling, onto the treats!

I'm going to use these cutie's to hang my belts on. I realised on Friday when I bought 2 new belts that I really need a proper place to store them. And these are just adorable!

I bought 2 of these mugs a few weeks ago for myself, one for work and one for home (Hubs was like no thank you!) but then decided to get some more today. 
I got 4 in total but they were such a pain to take out of their wrapping that I only photographed two. 
I have a special plan for them and will be revealed later :)

Leopard Love!
The leopard oxfords were bought for me by my Mum, she knows that I love leopard anything and when she saw them, she knew I would love them. Besides, they are a size 3 which are always very hard to find! Yes, I have small feet and have to snap 3's right up!
The flats with the bows are just too cute!

I told myself that I don't need any bags because my sister bought me so many on her trip to Hong Kong but when I saw this, I loved the mock croc. And, because I prefer bigger bags and don't have many casual clutch bags, I plan on using it as a clutch.
Totes cute, right?

Blackberry Bling!
I couldn't resist. Plus, they were so cheap!
I told Hubs that when we go somewhere fancy, I'll use the black. :P
As you can see, my phone is in the pink one already. At the store, I tried it on my phone and left it like that. 

Gold bangles are my addiction... These were too pretty to pass up!
I don't usually like bangle sets, as I feel like they give you 2 nice ones that you really want and then another 2 thin not so nice ones that you really don't want. 
But these, I like all of them... A good set in my opinion.

I love the look of turquiose rings but I don't have any. When I saw these, I fell inlove with them. I'm more of a gold jewellery type of a girl, but these I think are just fab!

So pretty right? I'm talking about the rings :P

 How do you think they look mixed in with gold jewellery? 
Let me know your thoughts... I'm always weary when mixing jewellery!

(Please excuse the mess of belts on my bed... I was trying to sort them for hanging, but now I'm blogging :))

Hope you're enjoying your weekend??

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  1. Abs LOVE the cheetah flats with the black bows. So cute!

  2. Thanks Sana... I can't wait to wear them.


  3. i LOVE the shoes, bag, and cellphone cases especially. the black is soo chic. wish i could find something like that here. i recently blinged out my phone with pink stones lol :)

  4. ooh what a fab little haul, love the shoes and phone cases an omg the belt rack and mugs are soooooo cute xxx

  5. I LOVE those turquoise rings, and I think it is absolutely fine to mix gold and silver jewelery I do it all the time. They look really good with the gold bow xxx

  6. i seriously love every thing you got, so cute! *the leopard shoes-drools*

  7. Def loving the rings and the watch is super fab! Great haul.

  8. Loved everything you got, especially the rings! Oh and you are a size 3?! so cute! i have ogre feet. :|

  9. Size 3, OMG I am size 10...The belt holder thing, cute. I need one of those. The shoes are adorable. I love leopard print. Love the Blackberry bling, I need to get one for myself. & I totally love mixing gold/silver jewels together. Is your watch Michael Kors? I am having been dying to get a MK watch. Can't wait to see the clothes.

    xo $ARMIN

  10. I literally love everything. Your new belt hanger, the rings, the mugs, the bag, the bling....

    And you're too cute haha. Love the haul!

  11. ohhh gosshh I'm loving all the stuff that you got, they are all super cute!!!

  12. Lucky love! You got tons of great buys! Can I tag along the next time you go shopping?!? LOL :)

    The belt hanger's are such a cute idea..I tried to look for something as cute as that and sadly, all I managed to find where boring ones!

    Wow the Blackberry bling is something else! I don't usually like bling but I like the black one A LOT! Maybe we can BBM sometime? ;)

    Just to let you know, if/when I come down to SA...I'll be "borrowing" some of your lovely things (kidding!) have great taste and I love all of your purchases!

    Much love ♥

  13. Thank you for sweet words my lovelies!!!

    Hugs & Kisses!

  14. love the treats! each item looks so lovely. those rings are fabulous and they look really good mixed with the others X

  15. great haul! i love them all! :D especially the bag!

  16. Luv, luv luv...great finds especially the leopard flats and the turquoise rings


  17. A really adorable bag! And cute pictures of you :)

    /S / http://

  18. I love the leopard oxfords! I've never seen any shoes that style in leopard print before. The blingy phone cases are great too, I have a bright pink diamante and glitter one for my phone.


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