Essence Haul

7/09/2011 11:20:00 PM

I've been meaning to post this 2 weeks ago and when I saw the folder on my desktop today I remembered not blogging about my new little gems!
Essence is a lovely cheap brand that makes me happy. Of the products that I have from them, I love!

My haul includes 2 lipliners, a liquid eyeliner, bronzer and 3 lipglosses. 
I have used them all and am very pleased with the quality of them. 
The lipglosses are my favourite... I'm more of a lipstick girl but have found a new love for lipgloss, and these are just lovely. They are pigmented and moisturising, and are such a cute size.


Some pics of me wearing the lipglosses... 
these pictures were taken earlier today after a long day of walking around in the sun!
Overall I'm very happy with my Essence goodies... It's relatively cheap but the quality of the products (speaking of the things I own) is definitely great!

I've had such a lovely Saturday... Was a beautiful warm day in Cape Town. I went fabric shopping with my sister and cousin for my dress for my sister's wedding (after stopping at 4 stores, I've got what I wanted) and then we headed to the The Old Biscuit Mill  which was lovely (but full) had the most delicious strawberry smoothie and delicious rooibos iced tea!
I feel for another one now!
I will be posting my outfit that I wore today (as you can see it involves stripes :)) tomorrow as I'm too tired.
I'm now exhausted and have my second headache for the day... The missing of 1 night's sleep has definitely taken its toll on my body! 

Have you tried Essence products? What do you think? Any reccommendations?

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  1. Nice haul. I want My Favorite Milkshake but for some reason Ulta doesn't sell it. :/

  2. Great products, I love the colours of the lipglosses, you look great xx

  3. The lipglosses look gorgeous! Love the ring in your swatches pictures, so pretty (:

  4. that me & my ice cream looks absolutely gorgeous on you!! I'm a fan of nude lipsticks/ lip glosses so yeah! thanks for that review dear...makes me want to purchase my very own! hope you'd drop by my blog also when you have the time :)


  5. Awesome haul! I loveeee Essence!

  6. i've never tried this brand but the lip glosses looks pretty good!

  7. I have both those lipliners and have used them to death and keep buying them. Their definitely the best cheapies on the market.

    I'm so jealous, you guys had such funtimes at this MILL without me! Seems like a heaven for a coot like me *iCry*



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