Online Shopping: New Pleated Skirt

7/06/2011 09:00:00 PM

This may come as a surprise to you all but Online shopping is NOT as big here in South Africa as it is overseas. We have a small handful of online stores but I've never ventured into the joys on online shopping. 
Until now that is!

I remember clicking on the LollyLoves website (a South African online fashion store) and immediately falling inlove with their maxi pleated skirts. I thought (for about a week or so) whether I should buy it!
As you know from this post that I have a new addiction for pleated skirts. As soon as I saw the one online, I knew it had to be mine! 
Buying something online from a place you don't know can be scary, I didn't know what to expect, but I wanted the skirt. I thought, what the heck? 
So, I bought it... The pleated maxi skirt in the shell colour for R370. With free postage and I could return the skirt if I was not happy with it, I couldn't see why not?!

I am pleased to say that my first online shopping experience was nothing but sweet!
As soon as I emailed through my payment, I was responded with a email saying that my package would be posted the next day and that I should received it in 3 - 5 days. 
I also learnt that I purchased the last one. Much to my delight! 
The skirt is sold out online but I managed to snag a pic of the midi pleated skirt in the colour I bought. (Pic above, the black one is the maxi skirt which is the one I bought but in the shell colour.)

The customer service was also amazing, I was told when she sent through my package and I am overall very happy! I have been eyeing some things on the LollyLoves website, as I was so happy with the customer service and quality of my skirt, that I will definitely be purchasing more from them!

I LOVE my pleated skirt!
The colour, the shape, the pleats! LOVE!

I have not worn it out yet as I want to wear it for Eid ul-Fitr (the holiday celebration that marks the end of Ramadaan, the month of fasting) and then most likely, will be wearing it the whole of Summer more casually.
I need to find a pretty top to wear with it but with Eid being a bit away, I still have time. 

I'm late to online shopping but I love it!
If any of you SA girls know any great SA online fashion stores, please leave a link!

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  1. you look so good in long skirts, makes me want to buy some!

  2. I LOVE it!! It suits you so well. Beautiful :) xx

  3. Thanks lovely girls... Glad you all like :)


  4. so lovely!!! I can't online shop for clothing at all... I'm petite, so I always have to try stuff on before purchasing. You look beautiful, love light colors on you, such a gorgeous contrast with your hair and dark features :))


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