Pretty Pink

7/17/2011 06:41:00 PM

True story, I have ALWAYS loved pink! I think like most girls, pink is our colour and is a very feminine, pretty colour. 

This should be funny but here's something embarassing I'd thought I'd share with you. 
During my 1st year of University, I ONLY wore pink. You can imagine how much pink I had in my wardrobe... I wore pink tops, pink dresses, pink ballet flats, pink anything pretty much! I was obsessed with the colour! People used to call me the pink girl! Eventually I saw the other beautiful colours in the rainbow (ok, pink isn't technically in the rainbow but you get what I mean!) and started to wear other colours. 
I don't have as much as pink clothes as I used to, but I still the love the colour... Obvi not as much. 
Hope you all had a good laugh at my expense picturing me in a all pink outfit! :)

denim jacket - no label (have had it for years) | top & "dress" - mr price | satchel - gifted | wedges - woolworths | mac angel lipstick

There you have it, my pretty pink outfit! I felt so feminine and girly! 
I'm loving my stripe skirt. Would you believe it was actually a dress that I cut the top part off of as I hated it as a dress... It even had padding (yuck!) it's much better as a skirt in my opinion. 

I had my eyebrows threaded today so these are (if you can see them) the befores! I have some funny bumps which have popped up near my eyebrows but I'm hoping some tea tree oil will fix it. It's very itchy! Think it's because I haven't done them in SO LONG, but Mom and I have decided to start going regularly again. 
Anyone have any recommendations for that?

Hope you had a lovely weekend... I sure did! The weather has been perfection!

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  1. Cute! Just want to make a correction I think... " it's much better as a dress in my opinion. " as a skirt?


  2. Thanks Nemo, fixing it now :)I've also spotted a spelling error.
    I have such fast fingers sometime :P


  3. I love this outfit! Especially loving your bag, its too cute!

    That's funny about your pink obsession, sounds like my BFF that was obsessed with pink and everyone called her Barbie and her room looked like a fairy tale! Lol

    I actually became a little obsessed last summer with pale pink and peach pink. Those two shades took up my whole closet along with gray, tan and brown. I still ought to get some other colors than neutrals.. But I loveeee my neutral colors. :)

  4. I love all your outfit posts! Great inspiration! Those bumps happen to me too but I think it's because that area is sensitive.

  5. i swear i need a look in your closet - love your stuff!..u look stunning hun!

  6. you look so pretty in this it.

  7. love this outfit! especially the skirt paired iwth the jean jacket

  8. Beautiful look, hon!Love the maxi and the top!xoxo

  9. I love this outfit! I deff need a maxi skirt asap.
    & I love pink, however I don't wear pink. I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for five years now, & I am still not use to the pain. My gosh its pinches. However, I do think its way better then waxing.

    xo $ARMIN

  10. love the outfit! that bag and skirt are too cute! xxx

  11. I love this outfit its so gorgeous!

  12. LoL at your pink obsession. It reminds me of Barbie World. You're so creative to transform the dress into a skirt. I can't imagine it as a dress though,it might look kinda frumpy right?

    I love eyebrow threading coz it really gets everything off. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything to you as we live on different parts of the globe.

  13. You really look so super duper lovely!


  14. you've inspired to cut something up! But I think I'll hand it over to you when I come down, incase I butcher it and take it from bad to worse.

    Great outfit once again!!


  15. Your outfit is beautiful! I love pink as well! It is funny, because as a little girl, I hated it and only started wearing it the last few years!

    Your blog is really cute! I am now following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins


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