Purple Spots

9/13/2011 08:13:00 PM

tank top - jay jays | skirt - mr price | leather jacket - vertigo | clutch - boutique | lipstick - mac pink nouveau

As I mentioned before in my post below, I'm trying to embrace colour. And what better way to do it than to pair a purple tank top with a turquoise sling bag. It seemed fitting for the dullness of my skirt. I also decided to go with a bright pink lip, MAC Pink Nouveau just screamed for me to use it. 
The weather at the moment is definitely not Spring... It's cold and it's raining. As much as I look forward to Spring, it seems coats and boots are back in.

If I'm a bit quiet this week, it's due to the fact that my sister's wedding is drawing closer. I have quite a few things to do, so this weekend is pretty much my last as next weekend is the mendhi evening and bridal shower. 

Also if you're wondering about my dress... NO, I don't have it! 
I had a fitting with my dressmaker this past Saturday but she cancelled. I will try to see her on the weekend. Panic has slowly started to set in!

B R E A T H E .  
It's going to be fine. 
What's what I've been telling myself. I'm known for not getting stressed out and taking a laid back approach. SO, hopefully everything works out the way it's meant to!


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  1. Lovely =)

  2. I love pairing purple and turqouise, the contrast gives it such a modern edge! You look gorgeous, as always.
    PS. hope everything turns out ok with the dress!


  3. such a cute outfit, i like it ;D

  4. I love the purple with the crazy pattern & the turqoise. Very pretty!

  5. I LOVE that leather jacket!! it's so great:)


  6. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! wedding makeup artist Sydney

  7. you are always soooo chic and fabulous!!! love your skirt and jacket combo :)) beautiful girl!!!

  8. so cute! i'm trying to embrace more color too, especially for Spring down here


  9. I love love love this outfit!! haha
    the skirt is awesome, and that is such a hot jacket

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