So Blue

9/08/2011 07:22:00 PM

blouse - mr price | flare jeans - sissy boy | scarf & clutch - boutique | red bow wedges - woolworths

Truth be told, I've never liked blue... But when thinking of this polka dot blouse, accessoring with blue came to mind. Oh and red. These wedges are old, have had them for years but they still look just as cute as the day I bought them. 

I bought 2 new scarves (one grey, one blue) on the weekend, I was drawn to them by the cool tribal print. I probably spent an hour trying to tie it into a turban. Don't get me wrong, I know how, I'm actually quite a pro, if I do say so myself, but this scarf is tiny! Which means I can't tie it at the back of my head. Instead I improvised and tucked the ends in on the side... All day I worried it would fall off (I wore this to work yesterday) but surprisingly, it didn't! See, told you I'm a pro! :P
I'm so obsessed with turbans. One night in the fast I spent over an hour tying all my scarves into turbans... They are my new fave accessories! So you will definitely be seeing more of them!

hope you're having a lovely week!

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  1. looking cool in this blue and polka dress :)

  2. lovely look!

    thanks for the comment on my blog, the bryanboy brunch was really amazing and insightful! I too wish it wasn't so exclusive, I felt so many people could have benefited from it :(

  3. hi my gorgeous!!! you are looking fabulous as always :)) would you please, pretty pleeease, teach me and the rest of us how to tie a scarf into a turban :)) it looks amazing and I would looooove to see a post on that. oxoxoxoxx

  4. i kinda need some stuff from your wardrobe..i'll take that top, clutch and your flare jeans please!

  5. Wow that top looks so great on you! and i'm loving the turban:)
    Ah no sorry to hear about the clutch! but I'm glad you found some at the boutique, can't wait to see them in your posts! and those chino's too!:)


  6. Love, love, love this look! You look adorable and the head wrap is awesome! :)

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  7. so blue and so cute! i love that head piece you're wearing. i want to find one thats a little bit thicker so i can wear it in the winter like ear muffs :)

  8. I ain't fan of blue .It is a sad color.

    Follow each other .


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