Colour Blocking

10/21/2011 06:44:00 PM

Skirt- Cleo Droomer | Top - Jay Jays | Belt & Wedges - Mr Price | Denim Jacket - Vintage

I fell in love with Colour Blocking a while ago but never really tried it as I was waiting for warmer weather to go crazy with colour! And even though, this is very muted form of colour blocking, I love how this turned out! 
Also, I couldn't wait to wear my stunning Cleo Droomer skirt. So amazing! 

Colour Blocking is when 2 more different blocks of colour are used together in a outfit. The top half one colour and the bottom another. It can colours in the same colour family or colours which you usually wouldn't match. I definitely want to try out some different colours. 
Need to inject more colour into my wardrobe :)

What do you think of my 1st colour blocking attempt? 

Have a good weekend! 

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  1. you looks so amazing! I love all of your pink clothes! Dress me please...

  2. Oh Sofie you doll! Anytime!
    Thank you :)

  3. Love the skirt with the denim jacket, great colours! x

  4. I myself need more color in my wardrobe. I find myself having too much white, grey and black being that I'm a haidresser, color is not in my everyday outfits. Love it though, good inspiration!

  5. I'm buying a plan ticket to South Africa and jacking all your wardrobe! lol JK

  6. SOO freaking cute!! Its to cold here to wear that though.


  7. Hey beautiful lady, just discovered your blog and Im blown away by your amazing sense of style and beauty:)))

    Im your newest follower.

  8. You look lovely!! The skirt looks amazing, can't wait to wear it:)

  9. This is a great first attempt! :) You look really lovely. One of my fave colour blocking combos is orange and purple! xoxo

  10. You look great! I am too loving the colour blocking vibes now xxx

  11. you are such a DOLL!!! Are you even real??? STUNNING as always darling!!!

  12. Such a beautiful skirt!

    xo Ashleigh

  13. WOW look at all these lovely comments! :)
    Thank you to each and every one of you!

  14. Absolutely cute! Love the skirt the wedge sandals. The denim jean jacket also goes nicely with the skirt and the top. You are a total cutie with this outfit.


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