Happily Ever After

10/06/2011 08:46:00 PM

My sister and new brother in law's wedding on Saturday the 1st of October was the most beautiful wedding I've attended. Not only did my sister look absolutely beautiful, but the newly wed couple looked so happy and radiant! 
They are the cutest couple, so in love and filled with excitement to start their life together!

The day was amazing, filled with family and friends sharing a special day. I'll always remember it!

To M and F, I love you and wish you nothing but the best! May you always be as happy and in love as the day you got married!

Read what my cousin Journolista had to say about my Sister's Wedding Here! 
So sweet Benny!

I literally took over 200 photo's, the above ones I all took but I can't wait to see the professional one's. Most of my photo's were of my sister... She looked so beautiful and happy! Unfortunately I don't have any full length ones of myself to show my dress but as you can see it was a light pink colour.

Looking at these pictures makes me smile thinking of the beautiful day we had.

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  1. Your sister is such a beautiful bride! I also love your dress :) all the best to the new, happy married couple :) xx

  2. Wow...her dress is beautiful and she looks absolutely stunning herself! Love your hair here too :) Congrats - lovely pics! xoxo


  3. aww congrats to your sister she is beautiful! and you too <3

  4. Adrienne Thank you! Will pass the message onto them :)

    Sarai Thank you doll!

    Donna so sweet, thank you!

    Jill and Sasha Thank you!

  5. congratulations to your sister!!! She looks beautiful as do you :)))

  6. Aww you both look beautiful love your dress & your sisters dress is so stunning I love it x

  7. all the best to your sister!
    you both are so pretty! and her dress is adorable *_*



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