That 70's Show

10/27/2011 09:02:00 PM

blouse - mr price | jeans - edgars | satchel - gift | black floppy hat - foschini | bangles - aldo

Hi dolls, are you all well? Tonight I went for a lovely supper with Hubby and this is what I wore. 
I felt like a cast member of That 70's Show! My new flare jeans are to blame. I was in honest shock when I tried them on (before buying) and realised that they were the perfect length! That never happens to me. Oh, perfect length to me is with heels. I've always had to have my jeans made shorter... Not skinny jeans, as I just fold them, but with any other style, a hem is needed. Much to my delight with my "perfect length" jeans, I ran to pay for them! 
It really has never happened to me. 
I'm sure other short girls can relate?

The weather has been so strange the last few days, it's been cold and raining a bit each day. Feels like Summer has gone... And I've caught a bit of a cold. Boo!

Have you ever found the "perfect length" jeans?
 Share some of your tales with me... Good jeans are so hard to find. Or is it just me and my short legs?

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  1. amazing hat and flared jeans dear!! love your bag and chic blouse!!
    maybe you would want to enter my romwe giveaway:)

  2. You're so adorable!!
    I absolutely love that top!xx

  3. I have a hard time finding jeans but for the opposite reason, my legs are long so they all are short on me! I love this and the show haha. What camera settings do you use, I love all the pictures!

  4. loooove this outfit, especially the leopard top!!! you are a 70's muse dahhlingggg!!!

  5. LOVE it! I don't think I can pull of the hat but you rock it well...

    Follow me at

    xoxo aley

  6. Such a cute blog dear, and I love that top!

  7. I have the same problem! It's so annoying. Luckily I actually found pants that fit me and have the proper length at Target. The last place I would've thought to look! lol

  8. MarieStella Thank you dear! Will have a look at your giveaway :)

    Lauren Rose Thank you lovely. Leopard print is my fave :)

    Ailah LOL, I hate you with your long legs! I use my camera on automatic with no flash. I have the most fun editing them in photoshop!

    Maryam Maquillage Oh you're too funny! Thank you lovely!

    a-hearts Thank you! I wasn't sure about the hat either but you should try it.

    h2 Thank you!

    Megalina It's very annoying... Especially when I see such great jeans but are too long!

  9. Ah wow Laiqah, you look stunning!! The leopard print is just amazing and the floppy hat is gorgeous!!:)

  10. Laiqah this is maybe my fav look on you! gorgeous doll!

  11. love this a lot!.. love your style on a whole anyways. lol

  12. Love the hat! Been wanting to purchase one but it's so dramatic so I know it'll just be collecting dust in my closet. You're looking great girl!

  13. fantastic, fantastic....your style is so great!!! lovely! :)

  14. OMG, I love your floppy hat!
    I got one this summer, I just don't have the guts to wear it out. You look great!

    xo SARMIN


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