Wanna Be Rockstar

10/30/2011 07:22:00 PM

Hi dolls, hope you've had a good weekend? I can't believe its Sunday evening already... Time flies! 
This weekend was spent eating yummy food and desserts, buying baby clothes, holding a baby for what felt like forever (I loved holding my niece!) and relaxing watching Hart of Dixie . Watched the first 2 episodes and I'm hooked... I love Rachel Bilson! Who else loved her character Summer in the OC? 

 leather jacket - vertigo | colour skinny - jay jays | t shirt - mr price | black heels - shoe hq | sunglasses - ray bans

The weather has been acting up again and like I mentioned in my post below, it's been really cold and today it poured non stop. The sun did come say Hi though. I was in such a dilemma as to what to wear, because well I'm all ready for Summer and here comes Winter! So I got dressed like it was warm outside and then added my leather jacket. I also would have much preferred to wear wedges. This outfit is from Saturday but you'll see Sunday's rainy day outfit in the week.

 How's the weather been where you're from? Have you watched Hart of Dixie? 
Hope you've had a good weekend?!
Have a great week ahead!


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  1. I'm in love with your leather jacket
    soo chic !!!!!


  2. Very rocking :)
    LOVE coloured jeans at the mo. Bought some lovelies from Mr Price.

  3. i like the outfit, it is very rockish and chic.

  4. I love this look. I like to rock more edgy looks but maybe I should capture my girly side more often...

    Follow me at: http://a-hearts.blogspot.com/

    xoxo aley

  5. Rock On Laiqah, you are such a rockstar!!! LOVE!!!


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