Black Blazer, Red Lips

11/02/2011 07:53:00 PM

blazer - vintage | stripe tee | boyfriend jeans - woolworths | espadrilles - shoerama | satchel - gift | jewellery - edgars, diva | watch - guess | lipstick - lancome l'absolu rogue 132 Caprice

I know what you're thinking... Stripes. And a leopard print belt. Again.
I can't help it! Stripes are simple, chic and have a certain class about them. If done right, that is! And well, I love pairing my leopard print belt with everything!! I bought 2, a thin one, as worn above and a thicker one and they glam up any outfit! Especially a simple one. 
Stripes are my go to pieces when I'm not sure what to wear... When in doubt, I stripe! (I know, I'm so lame! :)) 

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And HI new readers!! *waves

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  1. I love your hair so much, it suits you so well xx

  2. Thank you Tass love, just the other day I was thinking that I should never have cut my fringe shorter. Glad you like :)

  3. i love simple and chic outfits, and i love all your accessories! i voted for you btw hope you win!

  4. you're looking gorgeous :) and your hair is amazing and suits you very well.


  5. Kasey Thank you so much for voting!! Yay! :)

  6. FlirtingwithFashion Thank you so much :) Especially since I've been having second thoughts about my fringe!

  7. So fabulous!! Love the satchel :)

  8. Great outfit. Love all the accessories. I need to style one of my boyfriend jeans.


  9. I love this look, I'm such a total nerd to when it comes to stripes, my wardrobe is so full of them! And the only thing that will complement such a look is red lips of course!

  10. I LOVE your bag! It's so nice! Maybe I will buy a bag like this as well! ♥
    And blazer + red lips is so chic! The jeans and the shoes fit so well to this outfit! (:

  11. i love your outfit!! the photos look great!!


  12. @ Nicole - Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments :)

    @ Jackie @ EatLove&Style - Thank you! Boyfriend jeans are so awesome!

    @ Lilit - Makeup and Macaroons - Red lips and stripes are a match made in heaven! :)

    @ Natalie - You should! Satchels are my fave!

    @ anna - Thank you! :)


  13. I love your blazer, and shoes!! Gorgeous!!:)xx

  14. Hello!
    I feel like I haven't read your blog in forever...
    I love this look, classic tshirt & a blazer, perfection!

    & voted! Goodluck!

    xo SARMIN

  15. You have such a super cute style! I love that blazer and your hair is fab! Lovely blog, I'm now following ;-)

  16. I am loving your fabulous fringe!!! what a hottttiiieeee!!!

  17. perfect!!!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really reaaally appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member. 

    and of course i will folback!!! :D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ please list me on twitter so i will know u're my blog follower.

    i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^

  18. oh my!! i would so wear this!!! love

  19. I really like your bag <3 I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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