Just Peachy

11/18/2011 07:53:00 AM

mr price shirt & chinos, woolworths wedges, gifted satchel, rayban aviators

So in my previous post I mentioned that I was lacking inspiration to blog but I am happy to announce: No more! 
Besides all your sweet comments of encouragement, I also realised that blogging is my little escape from reality... My own space to share my outfits, rave about beauty products or just share a good or bad day. 

Its been a long week and I'm really happy that the weekend is here. 
Have a good one!

Thank you for all your kind words, support and constant blog love!

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  1. so chic shirt and wedges!! great bag and color on your shirt!!

  2. MarieStella Thank you my darling!

  3. I really like your bright colored pants :D You look vibrant! :)

  4. Rainy Days and Lattes Ha thank you :) Bright pants have become my thing :)

  5. Laiqah, I'm glad my words (as well as the words of others) have helped you to continue blogging. There are people out there who enjoy your work, including newcomers like myself. So keep blogging to please your readers and fans.

    These wedge sandals are very cute (just like yourself), and so are the aviator glasses. Nice pants as well. You have such lovely hair along with a cute face and sweet smile. This is just Laiqah loveliness!


  6. Your outfit is amazing. I love how you make your clothes so colourful! Love!

  7. i love how you pull this outfit offff

    Come Visit&Get Comfortable

  8. i find this blog amazing full of great ideas i´d like you check out mine and leave me some comments.

  9. I think you have the best casual chic personal style that I've ever seen. All of the looks are 100% accessible and you photograph beautifully. I look forward to checking out more style posts from you in the future!

    The Queen of Hearts

  10. Stunning outfit as usual:) I just love the contrast between your top and chinos! You look gorgeous!! xx

  11. Love the pants! And they go great with the chambray top!


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