Pretty Purple

11/29/2011 08:26:00 PM

Woolworths Studio W Stripe Top, Legit Maxi Skirt,Shoe Connection Espadrilles

I will admit, I've never felt the urge to buy anything from Legit (I'm not a snob or anything, their clothes have never appealed to me) but when walking past the store and seeing this maxi skirt in the window, I knew it had to mine! 
It's part of the "Minnie Collection" and is so gorgeous! I also picked up a bright pink blazer with orange lining... The collection is fun and there's definitely something for everyone!

Excuse the picture overload, I loved the beams of sun shining in the pictures!

I also had to wear a turband because I was having a major bad hair day! 
A simple chic outfit for shopping with my Mum... Seriously love this skirt, I have already planned tons of outfits in head all revolving around it!

Don't you love when you find something in a store you usually don't buy from? 

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of November... This month really went quickly, and I realise that now because I need to do a outfit recap for the month. 
WOW, Time flies! 

Hope you're having a good week my lovelies...
I'll have my November Outfit Recap tomorrow. 


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  1. Im in love with that skirt-lovely!

  2. Just like the sun rays in these pictures, you are absolutely beaming with loveliness. The purple/violet color of the skirt a lovely color. That color is almost like one of the official colors of one of my other blogs. Anyhow, you look really cute here, Laiqah! :)

  3. Wow! I can't believe the skirt is from Legit! It's so pretty.

  4. Wow I love this skirt, and how you've paired it with the stripes! Can't believe it's from Legit, I'm impressed:) You look so beautiful as always! :)

  5. John B. Marine Thank you! Glad you like! :)

    Anthea I know right, so glad I saw it in the window!

    bella Thank you!

    Nikki Thank you sweetie! I was just as surprised to find it there!

  6. always! Purple high waisted skirts always get a thumbs up from me!

  7. i love your turban hun & how you mixed & matched patterns really lovely!


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