Red and Stripes

11/09/2011 08:07:00 PM

Hi dolls... Sigh, what a week it's been already and its not even over. But tomorrow's Thursday which means its day closer to the weekend. 
I really need to pack my cupboards on the weekend... I feel like I never know what to wear because everything is so messy! I feel like such a slob, it's actually really bad... And I'm quite disgusted with myself! Ha :)

This gorgeous Country Road jersey I had to have when I saw it... Love the huge blocked stripes. The problem is I wish it was a bit longer. It's wool and has been perfect for this chilly weather we've been having!  
Brr it's cold in Cape Town!

country road jersey, jay jays skinny jeans, aldo heels, boutique sling, ray ban sunglasses

 Just want to Thank each and every single one of you for voting for ME in The SA Blog Awards... Voting closes tonight at midnight (CAT time) and then time will tell if I made it through. Fingers crossed :)
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Hugs and Kisses

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  1. I love the contrast between the red and the big stripes!
    You look amazing!xxx

  2. Lauren Rose Me too! Thank you :)

  3. you're looking adorable! :) and i love your striped jumper! the weather there looks amazing. wish i would there too :( here its freezing. really annoying! :/

    xoxo Rebekah

  4. You look amazing, the colours are just so gorgeous together:)

  5. your style is soooo memorable, beautiful, bright, and uniquely yours. I sincerely look forward to your posts and get inspired by all your photos! you are fabulous honey :))

  6. those pants are amazing! i love the color! xx

  7. I really love your style! Keep them coming!


  8. love your outfit <3

  9. Love the pants

  10. nice outfit! I like your blog!


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