Blue Blouse & Wedges

12/27/2011 11:06:00 PM

 Hello my lovelies, Happy Holidays! 
I know I said I would blog everyday but I've haven't had a chance... I'm just enjoying my holiday too much! 

Thought I'd share my Outfit I wore today... Had lunch with my parents & brother, then we headed out shopping. The guys and the girls split and My Mom and I found some cool things. Including awesome shoe racks. She bought one for my brother, but his shoes were falling off, he claims they are for kiddy shoes, so my Mom said I could have his. Much to delight... My little size 3's are perfect for it! :) I've already filled one of my shoe racks, and can't wait to fill the other.
The evening we're headed to the Night Market in town. 

 woolworths boyfriend jeans, mr price clutch & wedges, china town shirt, diva jewellery

My outfit is very casual but cool... My favourite type of look. I surprise myself whenever I gravitate towards blue. It's not a colour I usually wear (besides lately) but I think it suits my complexion. Who would have guessed I have a love of blue!
 And yes, I am wearing my clutch again. I love it! 
Girls who are the same skin colour as me, lets wear more blue!  

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  1. That blue really does look good with your skin tone! Beautiful!

  2. Melody Thank you doll! I'm really into blue lately.

  3. I LOVE the aqua blue shirt, I am pinning away for the summer and the warm weather haha! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break :) x

  4. Blue is my color, and you wear it beautifully. The rainbows are a nice touch to these cute pictures. Lovely outfit, Laiqah!

  5. I love the blue. Looks stunning! I haven't seen that bag yet at Mr Price, it's so cute. :) x

  6. For the love of blue, who is prettier than you!! NO ONE!!! pretty please do a hair tutorial--your strands are so amazing and enviable :)))

  7. That blue is brillant! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday :)

  8. Oh my gosh I MUST have that clutch! It's beautiful!!


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