I'm Colourful

12/12/2011 08:30:00 PM

mr price stripe tee & wedges, jay jays colour skinny jeans, ray ban aviators

Some days all I want is to put on an outfit and not be worried about what I have planned for the day, what I need to look like and what people expect me to look like.
This was my colourful-I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world laid back Sunday outfit, with no plans and a bit of shopping, I was ready for a relaxing day with Hubs. 

While this may not be an inspiring outfit, it made me feel happy. And somewhat goofy... As you can tell by my jumping in the 3rd picture and my cheesy thumbs up grin in the 4th. 

Colours make me happy... I should wear them more often!

Hope you all have a lovely week. 
It's the last working week for the year, so I know its going to be a fantastic one!! 


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  1. Very youthful outfit, Laiqah! Loads of color and charm by a cute lady like yourself here.


  2. Colors makes me happy to:) So sweet u are with this colorfull outfit. I'm so waiting for the summer:) nice blog u have. Follow each other??

  3. I love this tee. I've worn it a few times, think I'll wear it this weekend thanks to your post :D

    Great pics as always!


  4. this is so bright and happy!! Love this summery outfit--you are a true beauty :)))

  5. wonderful post!
    congratulations honey!
    xoxo =D

  6. John B. Marine TY!

    Flutra Thank you!

    Nasrin You should babe! :)

    Maryam Maquillage Thank you :)

    SILVIA :) Thank you!


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