November Outfits

12/01/2011 09:28:00 PM

Happy December! 

It's Outfit Recap time again... I started it last month with October Outfits and have definitely decided to stick with it! I also love being able to see what I've worn during the month and it reminds me what I have in my wardrobe! Also, I clearly need to pack my stripe Studio W top away as I've worn it thrice already :) 
Oh, and I posted 10 outfits in November (well I missed 2 after editing the photo's already which was a pain!)... That's one up from my October outfits

Let me get on with my November Outfits! From left to right, as they were posted.
(click on the link above or on the picture to view)

1. Black Blazer, Red Lips

2. Head over Pleats

5. Creamy Blue

6. Just Peachy

8. Mixed Prints

10. Pretty Purple 

I think Pretty Purple is my fave for the month... Definitely LOVE my purple maxi skirt and want to wear it more often! Also realised that colour needs to be injected into my clothes, it is Summer after all. So expect some colourful outfit posts :)

Which was your favourite?


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  1. Laiqah, it was this past month that I got to discovery "Lucky Packet" and admire your lovely looks. Your looks are nothing short of lovely in your many posts. You are a sweet petite with big time style. Lovely looks by you, Laiqah.

    I guess I have two favorites- Head Over Pleats and Creamy Blue. You looked lovely in those from the outfit to your hair and face (and sweet smile). I also liked Pretty Purple. Because your beauty is so bright, I can appreciate the sun rays in that blog post with those pictures. :)

  2. I love all your outfits but I think my favourite is Black Blazer, Red Lips :) I think I'm going to try out your turband tutorial next summer, it looks so good on you and hopefully I can pull it off! xx

  3. I love each and everyone of your outfits Laiqah!! they're are simply stunning! It's so hard to choose one that I like more (honestly) But I adore the creamy blue and just peachy outfits! You look lovely:) xx

  4. I love all your outfits, I cant even pick a favourite, you have great style! :) xx

  5. I love your look 'New Friends' - you really suite the subtle/nude colours - it brings out your natural sensuality!

    xx Gabs

  6. I love all of them,especialli 1,2,3 and 6! great style! thank you for stoppimng by and commenting on my blog!

  7. Loving all these outfits too! They all look so great :)

    Serendipity Style Blog

  8. hi there!

    If something were to go missing from your cupboard it would be "Just Peachy", definitely one of my favs!

    Aaah so that means I'll be seeing you end of next year Decemberish to eat sandwiches and have wedding fiestas?!

    Well I'm working around December in my head... who knows. lol


  9. you are seriously iconic Laiqah!!! There's not a single outfit that you don't wear well. I wish I had your impeccable taste and creativity in styling :)))

  10. So many great looks! really loving the first one! xo

  11. Great job here. i love it all.


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