Wedding Season

12/19/2011 08:11:00 PM

honeychild blouse | maxi skirt/dress (can't remember) | forever new clutch | aldo heels | misc beads & belt

It is officially wedding season in South Africa! There's something couples love about getting married in December/January... Must be the holidays, festive cheer and happiness this time of year brings.
Personally, I can't stand the heat, hence the reason I got married in Winter :)

This was the outfit I wore this past Saturday to one of Hubs' friends wedding. It was a small but lovely reception. (Hubs actually went to two weddings on that day!) We have another wedding on boxing day (the 26th) and another in January next year. I'm looking forward to the one in January, as its a "vintage themed" wedding and will take place somewhere lovely. 
The wedding invitation said that heels were not advised. I can only imagine the fun I'll have planning something to wear!

I've worn this "skirt" before to a previous wedding, and for those who have been following my blog for a while, will know that it's actually a dress. Yes, a very awful dress... But makes a darn pretty skirt! Paired with a flowy blouse (as it was hot) and a belt this time.

Today was my first day of my "holiday" and I can say that it was very strange. I woke up when Hubs did (he is still working) and I stayed up. I felt like at any moment I was going to get a call asking me why I'm not at work. 
I think I'll start enjoying it when Hubs is on holiday with me. Which will be Friday, so yeah!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

PS... A big Hug to the lovely Lilit from Make Up and Macaroons for mentioning me as one of her Top 11 Blogs of 2011.
Thank you Lilit, I'm honoured!
Go on, follow her amazing blog!

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  1. lol I feel the same way when I have off from work. Love your skirt/dress. And your hair is so pretty & long! Love it!

  2. Laiqah, you are such a lovely lady with a lovely sense of style. I am a fan of maxi dresses and maxi skirts, so this dress-turned-skirt looks lovely. Your hair looks gorgeous, and both your face and hair look super-cute (as usual). I also love all the bracelets on your right wrist.

  3. Absolute perfection...

  4. You are most welcome hun, you know I loooove your blog! And you look adorable in this outfit, the skirt looks great (though I can imagine it looking a bit like a tent worn as a dress!).

  5. I'm loving this whole look ! can I have your gorgeous hair? lol

  6. Amazing outfit!! you look stunning:)Xx

  7. LOVE that skirt/dress. I would wear it to death

  8. Wow! Stunning outfit! Love your style:)

  9. my gorgeous Laiqah!!! You have no idea how much I LOVE your blog!!! Your style and beauty always make :D from ear to ear :)) I wish I lived closer to you so we could collaborate on something creative--you are allllll that!!!!


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