Time for a Change

2/16/2012 08:30:00 PM

 Work, spending time with family, surprise birthday breakfast, volunteering, a birthday party, finding the perfect gift, a bit of shopping, spending three hours in traffic and complete lack of time to blog, I finally have a chance.

In my last post I mentioned that I was feeling uninspired. And while, I haven’t worked on anything new, regarding my blog design, I’ve realised that I want to change my blog name.
While “Lucky Packet” is a nickname I love, I want a new blog name. Just really feeling for a change, and I think a new blog name and blog design could be great!

Problem is though, I’ve got new blog name options but not one I’m completely sold on.
I want to coincide my new blog name and new blog design together, so expect some new exciting things. Exciting for me, anyway :)

Also sharing a very simple outfit outfit I wore to my In-Laws house for supper. My Mother in Law works in Saudi Arabia, so been spending some time with her before she leaves. She actually left today, her 4 week visit in Cape Town flew by!

This weekend I’m free, and I’ve a long to do list which includes, washing my make up brushes, catch up on my fave blogs, going to gym, snapping outfit pics, try to do a make up post and work on my blog design.
Sounds busy, and we'll have to wait and see how much I actually do!

Wish me luck!

PS, As you can see by these photo's, I'm not currently looking to great. A busy schedule will do that to you! ;)

wearing: mr price blazer, edgars stripe top & jeans, guess watch, sass diva necklace & bracelets

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  1. I guess on the standpoint of changing the blog's name, I'd be careful on that. I have no problem with "Lucky Packet." I also have no problem with the layout and flow of this blog. I chose "John's Blog Space" for my own blog though it goes by another name in its URL. The thing to most be careful of is in changing the URL to where your current subscribers (myself included) would have to go to a new URL to subscribe. Regardless, it's up to you. Just trying to help any way I can because I enjoy your blog and think you are a wonderful person.

    Your birthday is coming up or passed? If so, happy birthday! You're dressed cute (as always) here. I'm usually a sucker for flared pants or jeans. These are lovely along with the shoes.


  2. You look so pretty :) love the blazer and top <3 and as John said I'd be careful with changing the url cause all your subscribers might get lost
    good luck with that though :)


  3. You look so pretty in the purple blazer! And you hair looks stunning as usual:) Good luck with the changes, can't wait to see the 'new' blog, although I think your blog would be lovely either way hehe:) Xx

  4. I also agree with Jon and Sabrilett...but more so because I love the name Lucky Packet. I'm always excited when I see an email pop up as I feel so lucky ;) to get them. Love the style, love the consistency...and you know what you don't have to blog everyday because it gives us readers a chance to miss you:)

  5. This pink colour suits you so weel - it goes perfectly with the striped top. I love your hair by the way, it really makes me want a fringe again

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. A little bit of new blog design is wonderful therapy when you're feeling uninspired! It worked wonders for my blog (and my feelings towards it!). Why don't you start up a new series on your blog to get your creative juices flowing?? I've been doing a #30DaysOfMe series I found somewhere on the web (http://citygirlsearching.blogspot.com/search/label/%2330DaysOfMe) and even though its taken me over 6 months to get half way through it I've found it's given me more and more inspiration :)
    Good Luck!


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