Instagram #2

4/02/2012 08:30:00 PM

1. Maxed Out Outfit Post / Bling arm candy of the day
2. Mini Smarties / Nachos and Guacamole
3. Pics from my Parents trip to the beautiful Victoria Falls
4. Obsessed with necklaces and loose curls
5. Pretty tea party at my Mom's house
6. Birthday cake / Caramel cupcakes made by my Mom
7. Yesterday's (Sunday) face and casual outfit
8. New shoes I bought over the weekend

A few snaps of my daily obsession - Instagram (@Laiqah)! 

Perfect for times like these when I've been a bit MIA! 


PS... What do you prefer lovelies? Show all photo's or have the "read more" option?

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  1. Just came across your blog and its lovely! <3 your style and love the arm candy and your hair! :)

  2. Love the shoes, they are so amazing! Those caramel cupcakes look yummy!

  3. love your hair. that birthday cake looks yum!!

  4. your fotd is so soft and pretty!
    I love the new shoes you got-I want!!!

  5. As a blogger, I've found "Read More" better for if you're trying to engage your audience to read full posts (instead of viewing posts from the main page or an archived page) or if you want to surprise your readers. It is up to you and purely based on whatever content you are trying to express. Nice collection of pictures here, Laiqah! I do love the booties and the pumps in the final two pictures.

  6. love these photos! you are so gorgeous.
    i personally prefer the "show all" photos rather than the "read more" because if you're like me and i havent been able to log on and catch up on everyone's blogs, i like the convenience of being able to see everything and scrolling down on the same page versus having to click on "read more" and then clicking back and doing the same for the next post. that's me though. hope you're having an amazing monday!

  7. I like the 'show all'; although, when I noticed the change on your blog I considered 'show more' for myself!?

    p.s. your hair looks lovely!

  8. I like your blog and your style)

  9. amazing pictures, dear :) you're so pretty and i love how you combined the
    watch with all those bracelets! really adorable!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  10. Love posts like this.. great snaps and the shoes are perfect! x

  11. that close up photo of you is gorgeous!!! you look very pretty! love all the pics in this post,oh,and I prefer seeing them all at once! xo

  12. I forgot to mention in my previous post... having the "Read More" can also be good to improve the performance of your blog, especially if there are posts with a lot of text or other images/videos. I apologize for failing to mention this previously. Still, this is a lovely bunch of pictures for a lovely lady like yourself, Laiqah.


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