Remember me?

5/08/2012 07:56:00 PM

 Opening up my blogger dashboard was such a weird feeling because I've been gone for so long, that I've forgotten how it look and feels to type up a blog post. 
Wow, it's been forever! 
Since my last outfit post, I caught a horrible cold which turned into a flu and lasted about two weeks... It just got worse and I stayed indoors wrapped under a blanket eating soup, watching my favourite series, playing angry birds and browsing instagram. 
I've never been sick for so long, which was a shock to me but finally, I'm recovered and feeling much better! 

Near the end of my flu I did some shopping and got tons of new jewellery which I have to share. I'm wearing 1 of my new necklaces (post on that to come) and the pretty light pink blazer I've been searching forever to find. Finally!

While I was sick, I obviously looked terrible and did not want to be photographed so I have no new outfit photo's to share with you, but I can't wait to get back into it on the weekend! 

Thanks for bearing with me and blog... Somehow my amount of readers have increased during my absence and I'm now over 400! Amazing! :)

I'm off to catch up on blogs and relax!

PS, Tomorrow (Wednesday the 9th) is my 2nd wedding anniversary!

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  1. aw glad ur better now, welcome back!

    1. Thanks doll... Feels good to be back! :)

  2. Laiqah, I have NEVER forgotten you. If anything, I've missed you. But of course, I'm glad you're back. I would also like to congratulate you and your hubby on your 2nd Anniversary.

    Once again- welcome back to the blogosphere. It is not the same without you and "Lucky Packet." Just get some rest and take care.

  3. Glad you're feeling better and looking forward to your posts :) happy anniversary for tomorrow xxxx

  4. beautiful outfit!!!
    i'm following your blog!!if you like mine,do the same!!!!

    Freaky Friday

    Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

  5. congrats on being married for two years. I can't wait till i find a guy that I can be happily married to too. Well your hair looks quite fabulous here and i really want your necklace hehe. feel better, being sick sucks, drink honey lemon tea!

  6. Hey girly, I'm glad your back! Love the necklace :)

  7. Happy anniversary!
    I'm one of your new followers. And i really like your blog. Your outfits are very inspirational. ;)
    I'm glad you're ok now! =)

    kisses from Portugal,


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