Amber Jones Project LE Collection for Mr Price

6/12/2012 02:52:00 PM

all images from In The Fashion Loop

Whenever a new Project Range for Mr Price is released I make a mental note in my head to be there on the day the collection releases as I don't want to miss a thing and this time is no exception! 

EDIE AND THE IT GIRLS is the brand new 60's inspired Project Range designed by the amazing Amber Jones about to hit Mr P stores this Friday the 15th of June. 
Pretty prints, glitter pumps, capes, platforms and adorable dresses... Dreamy!

I was lucky enough to find the black and gold suede wedges already in Canal Walk on Sunday evening... There were only about 5 pairs left and I (they don't call me Lucky for nothing :P) found the last size 3's. Woop!

Mark your calenders girls, this range looks too amazing to miss out on!



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  1. Ooh I'm so excited about this collection! I want everything, can't wait until it launches! hehe :) XX

  2. omgballs! LOOKAT THOSE GLITTER PUMPS!!!! I WANT! love it!


  3. Pretty collection! The glitter pumps - wow! <3 But the glitter flats are so cute as well. And I like the teal blouse!!


  4. *SCREAMS*


  5. I really want the cape. Gorgeous items. :)

  6. I found your blog through Little Miss Ivy and I am so happy I did! This post has made my day! I think I'll have to leave work early to go to Mr P. Aside from this collection, it's wonderful to find a new South African blogger to add to my reading list. I will be back :)


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