Grey, Red & Stripes

7/04/2012 04:36:00 PM

Grey Blazer, Woolworths Stripe Top, Edgars Red Suede Wedges, Aldo Sling Bag, Sass Diva Gold Collar, Bracelets & Ring
The amount of support and warm wishes I've received with regards to my new blog has been so overwhelming!
You all are so sweet!
On to an outfit I wore on the weekend... I've wanted a grey blazer for a long time but never really found a good one. Oh, on another note, I have developed a serious blazer addiction. I buy almost each one I see!
We all need a blazer in our wardrobes but it seems I need one in each colour!
I bought this grey one AND a green one this past weekend. Somebody stop me! ;)
Thank you again dolls... Your kind words has made me want to be a better blogger! 

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  1. Your new blog looks amazing!!!

  2. I love the new layout! And those trousers are so cute <3.

  3. Lovely new blog look! Also have a blazer addiction, although I struggle to find them in shops.

  4. I love your blazer, and it looks sooo stunning paired with the striped top and your fabulous pants:) XX

  5. Love the new blog design/name. :)

  6. Love those pants :)

  7. Wooooo! Look at you missy! Your new blog is amazing!(Forgive me for only seeing it now)I am so proud of you. Best Wishes with the new blog, I think you need to give me some pointers!

    Your biggest fan EVER,
    Saf xo

  8. i love the collar!! great style!


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