Instagram #4

7/16/2012 04:28:00 PM

1. Pink cheeks - My fave!
2. Messing about with Red lipstick
3. It may be Winter and too cold for these but I'm so addicted to chocolate coated strawberries... I make them every chance I get!
4. I'm addicted to all kinds of chocolate!
5. Yesterday it poured with rain and was so cold but I had to have gelato!
6. My gelato choice, Snicker Chocolate
7. I can't get enough of photo apps for my iPad
8. Pink Blazer outfit of the day
9. My new leopard print iPad case
10. My sister and I of course have matching iPad cases
11. Delicious cafe mocha from Seattle Coffee
12. Late Saturday night treats, hot chocolate & Scarf Stop cupcakes
13. Sheer blouses from Cotton On
14. Gorgeous vintage mint green pleated skirt from Guard the Vintage
15. Amber Jones for Mr Price wedges that I can't wait to wear!
16. Talking about shoes, spotted this in Canal Walk on the weekend. Yay, Steve Madden is coming to Cape Town!
17 & 18. Fave arm candy that I just can't get enough of!

This past 2 weeks have been very hectic... Have not had a chance to blog! Or snap outfit photo's for that matter! The weather in Cape Town has been awful but looks like it finally might be clearing up.
Thought I'd share my Instagram snaps just so you know I'm still alive! ;)

Take care!


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  1. I would like to invite to to visit my first giveaway :))

  2. Oh when I see your hair makes me want a fringe :( loved your instagram photos babydoll xo

  3. Wow what lovely pics!! All your blouses are so beautiful! :)
    And how delicious does that gelato look? YUM:)
    Have a stunning day doll! Xx

  4. Ooof love these kind of posts!

    Chocolate strawberries, ooooh nomnomnom xx

  5. I would love to see your shoe storage solution, looks like it's a good one!

  6. Beautiful! your arm candy is stunning!!
    I will follow you on IG hey

  7. I love the shirt on the seventh pictures :D

    FOLLOW ME ON Je-Ne-Suis-Pas-Blog

  8. Love love love love the studded collars!

  9. I love these snaps! I'm addicted to instagram :) xxx


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