Instagram #5

8/28/2012 04:10:00 PM

leopard print pants
studded loafers
bangs ombre hair
tribal statement necklace
sass diva gold double cuffs
chain print scarf
aldo nude heels gold statement jewellery ysl parisienne
eid make up
gold statement jewellery
bangs ombre hair

I know I've been totally M.I.A recently and to be honest, I have had no energy to blog! 
To show I'm alive, thought I'd do an Instagram post as I practically live on it!

1. Leopard print harem pants matching with my iPad cover on Saturday
2. Can't get enough of the Caramel Frappé from McCafé
3. Chilli ginger & lime nachos with avocado hummus is the perfect combo
4. Always on my feet, black studded loafers from Mr Price 
5. Couldn't decide if I should grow or cut my bangs
6. Yummy snack - pomegranate
7. Tribal statement necklace from Mr Price (buy here!)
8. I have an ice cream addiction! Especially Häagen-Dazs
9. New gold double cuffs and ring from Sass Diva
10. Fave scarf from Scarf Stop (buy here!)
11. Eid Essentials - Nude heels, gold statement jewellery, MAC lippie & YSL Parisienne
12. Eid Make Up 
13. New statement necklaces from Woolworths (bought them yesterday!)
14. I cut my bangs on the weekend and they are already in my eyes! 

Hope you enjoyed this catch up... Chat soon lovelies!


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  1. Lovely pictures :)

    xoxo aley

  2. gorgeous pictures!! love your heels and scarf!!

  3. I love this! Please do more! :)
    My fave is the Leopard print Harem pants!

  4. love the necklaces and Häagen-Dazs is the best!!!

  5. We adore your style and your blog, maybe want to follow each other?!:)


  6. I love pomegranate and am so happy that Woolies sell them like that!

    And McDonalds are just the devil, I'll have to work hard this summer to stay away from them.

  7. Such a lovely post: I like these pictures so much!!I adore instagram too!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

  8. I'm so hungry reading this post. I love the hammered metal necklace and matching leopard print :) xx


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