NYX Haul

11/20/2012 04:50:00 PM

NYX Cosmetics South Africa Haul
NYX Cosmetics South Africa Haul GWP
NYX Cosmetics South Africa GWP

I walked into Clicks and was pleasantly surprised to see that the full NYX range was stocked. (Cue the make up junkie inside me having a panic attack!) They had such a limited range previously and when it first released, I was quite disappointed in the lack of products. Not anymore though! All the amazing products I've been wanting to try after reading rave reviews on my favourite US beauty blogs. 
I restricted myself to a few treats because I was in awe and wanted everything, but told myself to come with a researched list next time. 
I picked up NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal, NYX Gloss in Natural, Whipped, Pinky Natural & Pink.

Prices are reasonable, much better than Revlon, which in my opinion, are ridiculous! I'd much rather add a bit extra and go to MAC. The cream blush retailed for R89.99 and the lip glosses were only R49.99. I also wanted to pick up some lip cream, lipsticks and concealer but was shopping with my Husband and only intended on picking up essentials so couldn't browse for long. I was assisted by a very helpful NYX make up artist who actually knew what she was talking about and gave me a free GWP (gift with purchase) and let me choose my colour choice of lipgloss & lipstick which came in the set.

I'll have separate reviews on the cream blush and the lipglosses in another post, will try for tomorrow. Quite pleased with what I've bought and tried so far... Very pleased that South Africa finally has the full NYX Cosmetics Range! Yay!

NYX Cosmetics is available exclusively at Clicks stores


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  1. such beautiful colors!! love them!!

  2. those glosses are AMAZE!!! love this blog xoxo


  3. I popped into Clicks the other day and unfortunately they didn't have the new range in stock. ;( I will keep checking as I MUST get one of their cream blushes.

    Great post! :)

    1. Oh no! Was it a "big" Clicks? The smaller stores that I've been to haven't had any NYX... Hope you find soon though, the cream blush are lovely!

  4. ohh i love NYX products :)
    very very nice colors !!

    lovely greets

  5. Hi there!:)
    Lovely post!<3 I love your blog!:)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Kisses, Pati;)

  6. I never tried NYX products, but theese are looking good :)

  7. Love the lipgloss :D


  8. Great choices! Love the products that you have picked and I so love the colors too. I find them affordable too. I'll go and check on these items.


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