24 week Pregnancy Update and it's a...

12/05/2012 09:00:00 PM

24 weeks pregnant

Quite a few of you have asked about my pregnancy, be it in emails or on twitter, and me being somewhat forgetful recently (baby brain!), and a bit lazy, I'm finally doing a pregnancy update.

Currently 24 weeks pregnant, which is 5.6 months. Thanks to my Husband for keeping me in the loop with my dates, I'm always asking him how far along I am and he always knows the exact dates. He's a very proud Dad to be and is truly a gift... Very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who does anything for me. Time is flying... Can't believe baby will be here in about 3 months!

Onto baby... Two weeks ago, we had a 4D real time scan which was amazing! Best scan of pregnancy so far. We got to see baby's face and him doing adorable crazy movements! :)
Baby was 530 grams two weeks ago and is about a week bigger than he's supposed to be. Yes, a whole week! Which means I might give birth a week earlier than the estimated due date of 27 March 2013... I would love for him to be born on my Mum's birthday. Come on Baby, 15 March! I've also been advised to not buy any newborn baby clothes! Lol, as long as my little bean is healthy, I'm happy.

I've known the sex for weeks now and while keeping a secret is fun, I prefer that everyone knows. For gifting purposes obviously ;)
For those that didn't catch my hint a few lines up, It's a... BOY! Yes, a little (well not so little) baby boy! :)

Besides the crazy weight gain, tiredness, constant bathroom breaks and feeling uncomfortable, I love feeling him move, his kicks are getting stronger. I can't wait to meet my baby bean!

Will try to keep updating with my pregnancy.
Outfit post for this look coming up tomorrow!


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  1. congrats again! what an exciting time for you! xO!

  2. Ahh that is so exciting! Best wishes :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a little baby boy! This is so exciting and you look absolutely gorgeous with that baby bump! I'm so happy that you are well x

  4. Congratulations. Also do not buy new born diapers either. My son grew out of them in 2 weeks (same with new born clothing), buy the next size up it's last max 1.5 months.

  5. Congratulations to you, lovely Laiqah. Remain in good health and in good spirits to successfully deliver your offspring to the world. Then, that offspring will grow up to be as awesome as mommy Laiqah! :)


  6. Aww man, the bump is tooo cute. Time is FLYING by!

  7. Awww lovely photo!! You are glowing! xx

  8. Slamat doll. I also had a big baby boy,who left my tummy full of stretch marks lol,but it was worth it!

  9. Massive congratulations on your little baby boy! Bet it was so exciting to see the 4D scan! Thanks so much for following my blog, you have a really lovely blog here =) I'm following back.


  10. Yay a little boy! Boys are great, soooo much fun (so says the mother of a 5month old boy). I hope you're enjoying being pregnant, and all those aches and pains will be forgotten once your little one is here. You look great by the way.
    Lilit xo

  11. Ahhh I almost missed this post!! Congrats on the blue lovely ~ Boys I think will be loads of fun ;) Luckily you have hubby by your side to help with all the fiddly things of boy-ness hehe.



  12. Congratulations on the boy! You have such a cute blog, and I love finding fellow South African bloggers!

    Good luck with the last few months!


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