Maternity Style: 31 Weeks Pregnant

1/24/2013 04:38:00 PM

white blouse, gold accessories, ombre hair, maternity style, maxi skirt
maternity style, ombre hair, ombre hair cape town
maternity style, white blouse, gold accessories, ombre hair
Cotton On white blouse | Woolworths black maxi skirt | Legit nude pumps | Sass Diva chunky gold necklace | Call it Spring belt bracelet | Lovisa gold rings

What maternity style?! Now that I'm getting bigger and further along with my pregnancy, getting dressed has become a nightmare. I no longer know what to wear... I don't know how to put pieces together and none of my pre-pregnancy clothes work with my massive bump. My style has gone out the window! 

Shopping for clothes always leaves me disappointed and depressed. And to make it worse, I've never been this uncomfortable in my own body before! 

I have a bridal shower and my Baby shower this weekend and I have no idea what to wear for any of those... Don't even get me started on trying to find something to wear for my cousins wedding mid February.


As you can tell, I'm ready for my Baby Bean to be here and for me to lose this elephant suit I feel like I'm in.  

Ok, rant over!

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  1. I don't know what you are talking about .... You always look fab! I was going to suggest a maxi dress for your shower, whadya' think?
    I love the way your hair looks!
    Thanks for the reply to my email!
    Big Hug X

  2. Babe I just went awww looking at your post hehe! You look gorgeous ~ and what you talking about got no style now ... you look amazing! Trust me, I won't lie to you. 31 Weeks eeekkk baba is almost here so exciting :-)

  3. Cute post~! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. You look beautiful Laiqah, I love this whole outfit!!:)
    You always look amazing! <3
    Have a great weekend doll! xx

  5. you look so pretty!!! You obviously haven't seen many other preggies before because I think you are carrying beautifully!


  6. You're glowing ---- really! That lip colour looks amazing on you too.

  7. I understand how it could be difficult to style when you've gotten so big. But girl, you look amazing. You're glowing and beautiful.

    And you rock a maxi skirt. So I suggest that for your events.

  8. You look amazing. Don't worry about clothes.

  9. Still looking good.... No need to worry Hun!

  10. You look great! nice brancolete


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