Mint Condition

1/16/2013 09:00:00 PM

ombre hair, ombre hair cape town
ombre hair, ombre hair cape town
ombre hair, ombre hair cape town
ombre hair, ombre hair cape town
Gifted lace top | Mr Price Mint Skinny Jeans & Mint Necklace | Scarf Stop Tan Satchel | Woolworths Two Tone Wedges | Guess Gold Oversized Watch

My first OOTD with my Canon... I won't lie though, these photo's were taken the day after I got them which is about a month ago. I loved the way the photo's turned out! The image quality is so good that I could see every detail. Don't know how I lived without it! Well, enough gushing about how much I love it.

I bought these jeans before I found out I was pregnant, when I knew pastels were gonna be all the rage for Spring/Summer but this was the first time I wore them. Between you and me, they weren't zipped at the top. Which is only fine when your pregnant and wearing something that covers it! lol :)

I am currently 7 months pregnant and besides the unbearable Cape Town Summer's, Baby and I are both healthy and doing well. (Alhamdulillah) I had an appointment earlier today and everything is looking good. Even got the go ahead to attend my cousins wedding which is a 2 hour flight away in Durban in a few weeks time. I'll be 34 weeks pregnant then, but I can't wait to get away before Baby arrives. I just hope Durban won't be as hot as it always is. Wishful thinking on my part!


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  1. 37 weeks already! Time flies! You look so beautiful Laiqah! Glad to hear you and baby are healthy.

    Embracing Style

  2. Ahh you look so lovelyy!! I can't believe it's already 7 months! <3 X

  3. You look gorgeous! Dying to get my hands on mint color jeans/pants.
    & goodness, congrats on the baby!! Your glowing, & I don't think its the camera.

  4. You look adorable!!!!


  5. Love it! You look amazing. those jeans are divine.

  6. You look stunning Mashallah ! Wish you and hubby all the best for the year ahead love

  7. When i was pregnant, i still wore my old jeans,but sewed a wide black elastic on one side of my jeans,made a hole on the edge of the elastic for the button to fit! like this lol
    []=[].that would be my jeans' legs on the sides,with the elastic in the middle,lol sounds complicating,but its really not


  8. Great post!

    Just checked a few pages and loved it so count me as your new
    Follower :)



  9. Looking good in the mint colour and glad that you and baby are doing well :)
    Enjoy the weekend dear!

  10. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

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  12. You are looking very cute with your baby bump x

  13. You look very pretty. The lace looks lovely with the turquoise jeans and that fab necklace!

  14. this is so cute! love the minty color!

  15. i really love the mint necklace against the white nice for spring :) jst found your blog and I love following xxx


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