Instagram #11

5/29/2013 12:26:00 PM

1. Goofing around with the A Beautiful Mess app / 2. My big 9 week old / 3. Ombre hair loving (post here)
4. My cutie loves his mobile (even if for just 5 minutes!) / 5. His smile makes my day / 6. And so does his cute chubby face and adorable eyes
7. Sunday's face of the day / 8. Love that face / 9. An old outfit post, still one of my faves, view here
10. Looking at something / 11. Mamma & Baby / 12. His adorable face
13. A simple outfit of the day / 14. My armcandy / 15. Face of the day
16. Yummy Maahir cookies my Mom made / 17. My birthday face (turned 27 this past Saturday) / 18. Delicious oreo cadbury chocolate

Still mostly photos of my little baby Maahir but throw in some selfies too! ;) 
Can't believe my boy is 2 months old already... While 2 months doesn't feel long, the time he's been in my life feels so much longer! How I lived without him before I'll never know! As a new Mom, he's perfect, I'm so in love with him and I can't imagine my life without him. 
OK enough gushing over him, I love him, you get that! 

I'll try to snap my outfits over the weekend... Time is just never on my side and weekends being the only time I get to go out and get things done, I feel very rushed and tired when I get home but I am definitely going to try. Trying is better than not trying! ;)

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