Instagram #12

6/27/2013 08:22:00 AM

Quick instagram catch up from the last 3 weeks... I really should try to post these every week. Same old, same old. Blogging has taken a back seat, with Baby and working from home, I don't have much time to post as much as I want to and besides being covered in milk, hair up in a messy bun and wearing no make up, I hardly dress up or do my hair and make up. Except weekends, weekends are time to get sh*t done! ;)

I'll have a outfit (from the weekend!) post up later... Well, hopefully! I'll try but don't hold me to it!

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  1. Love the pic with your son's different facial expressions!!

    Where did you buy the orea dairy milk chocolate?

    1. Its my favourite too :)
      I bought the oreo cadbury at Spar!

  2. Very creative mum!
    Thanks .. will be making my way to spar soon...


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