In my Basket #2

7/22/2013 02:08:00 PM

In love with everything from today's In my Basket! Would wear the entire outfit but would wear some dark blue jeggings underneath the dress. I am a modest dresser after all! ;) 
Throw on a scarf and you've got a pretty outfit for a Iftaar supper. You want to throw on a jacket too!

I really want those gold glitter flats but size 3 is sold out (Damn you fellow size 3 wearing ladies!).
And if your wondering why there are 2 bags? Well, the box sling for day time & the clutch for the evening. Duh! ;) 

Both the stunning clutch & box sling bag are on sale. You heard me, Scarf Stop is having a SUPER SALE! You don't want to miss out! Perfect time to get your Eid accessories ladies!

Posts have been slacking lately, I'm terrible I know. Try not to hate me!


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  1. I nearly bought those sunglasses yesterday! Still contemplating if I should get them or not :)

    Amina || Blog ||Oh Just One More||

  2. Loving everything in this basket! Especially the vintage dress! *swooooonnnnn*

  3. Love that dress and those shoes too ! But since I'm a size 3 too guess I'm out of luck x

  4. Love love love! Gotta go check out scarf stop. :)

  5. Hmmm... those shoes? Gorgeous Hun!
    Rushda xx


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