Instagram #13 - The Maahir Edition

8/05/2013 12:00:00 PM

Instagram 13 - The Maahir Edition! When I saved all my recent instagrams, I was shocked to see if was mostly filled with adorable photo's of my little guy. Who is 4 months old and has started solids!! Um, what?? How did this happen? Was I not pregnant just yesterday? OK, maybe not yesterday but jeez, time flies and he's growing so nicely. 

Maahir has been nothing but the biggest joy in my life, he steals my heart everyday with his cute smile and laugh and I couldn't be happier. It's true, my life has changed. Things aren't the same, I can't get into my car and go shopping or shower when I want or even go outside and shoot outfit posts but I wouldn't change anything. He makes it all worth it. And it wasn't something I understood before or something I can explain but I think other Mom's know exactly how I feel. 

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  1. Love it!!
    You are making motherhood fun.
    Such a cutie, he is!!

  2. He is sooooo adorable Masha'Allah! instavids r in order as soon as he starts talking!

    You guys r a beautiful family!

  3. I get you. Totally.
    He's adorable!

  4. Ahhh he's perfect! Mashallah! Looking at your pics remind me of when my 15 year old was that age..... nostalgia! xx
    Rushda xx


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