Pink Beanie

10/17/2013 02:26:00 PM

Topshop Neon Pink Beanie || Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses || Zara Chain Sling Bag || Cotton On Grey Blazer & Sheer Blouse || DIY Distressed Skinny Jeans || Fashion Express Ankle Strap Heels || Guess Gold Watch

These photo's were taken about 2 weeks ago and were begging to be published but I've just been so busy. Time is a luxury I can't afford. And I no its a bad excuse, we all are busy in our day to day lives but I've also lost interest. Blogging has become so what of a chore to me and I'm not really enjoying it anymore. 

I wanted to post this outfit though... I love the neon pink beanie with an otherwise, simple outfit. Wanted classic looking ankle strap heels and these cheapies from Fashion Express fit the bill. I splurged on some new sunglasses though, which I love. Prada, baby! ;) But they deserve their own special post!

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  1. You are one HOT momma!

    Please don't stop blogging :(

    Love ya <3

  2. Laiqah, I've enjoyed your blogging ever since first following this blog in the "Lucky Packet" days. Don't let it feel like blogging is a chore or that it takes over your life. I surely have the utmost respect for you even when I first found this blog and when I first gauged your style. Other than that, let me comment on this outfit.

    While the pink beanie is the highlight of the outfit, this is a very nice casual look with some chic appeal, especially provided by the blazer. The beanie is as cute as you are. :) I like the handbag and the sunglasses as well. Those pumps are very nice.

  3. Please don't stop blogging.. I love reading your posts!

    Love the look... so chic as always.

  4. How did I miss this post??? Love love love! You are so elegant even in a beanie!
    Those shades are definitely better than the baroques! swoon!

    I would still be a fan of your blog even if you resort to once a year posts ;)


  5. Cute outfit. I love the beanie! :)


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