Summer Holiday!

1/20/2014 07:50:00 PM

Well Hello 2014! (only 20 days late, but whatevs!)

I've been having this argument with myself for a few months now. To blog or not to blog? (That is the question. how lame!) And each time I weigh the pros and cons. One con being I don't have time, one pro being I can make time. But, did I really want to make time? Did I really want to put an hour aside to edit photo's and actually type something? I still don't know the answer, I'm still two minded (as usual though, Gemini problems!) 
I've had some thinking to do with regards to my blog. I've been very disheartened lately, feeling like there isn't a place for my blog, not feeling confident in anything I did and also not having the motivation to keep doing it. Being a Mom takes up a lot of my time and quite frankly, I was ready to give it all up. 
But today I thought, hey let me blog! So I guess that's a good thing and a step in the right direction. 
I've decided to change the way I blog. I not only want to do fashion, outfit of the day type posts but also more beauty posts because I'm a beauty junkie at heart! AND also, I want to share some Mommy and Baby bits. Because I am a Mom now, I'm not only one of many fashion bloggers out there, I've got more to say and share and I don't want to be the same like everyone else because I'm not. 
In the spirit of some Mommy posts, I wanted to share some good photo's of myself and Maahir enjoying a few hours at Kirstenbosch Gardens during the Summer December holidays. 
As you can tell, we made it into a mini photoshoot. My little guy is growing up way to fast, next thing I know it'll be 26 March 2014, his first birthday! Gasp! 

Here's to a kick ass 2014!

Outfit post up either tomorrow or the next day for those of you who only wanna see what I'm wearing! ;)

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  1. Oh gosh these pics make me so broody. You have such a cutie.

    Also adore your lace top :)

    xoxo Abby

    1. Oh Abby, you're so sweet! Thank you babe! x

  2. For one thing, I'm pleased to see you return to the blogosphere, Laiqah. I've been with this blog for a long while- even in the days of this blog when it was called "Lucky Packet." Whatever you want to do with this blog is fine with me. It's YOUR blog- be free to make it about almost anything. Let me give you a little insight. I started noting more traffic to my main blog when I started blogging about many more topics. Whatever one blogs about, the key is in trying to keep as many people as happy as possible with a variety of content- especially original content. I'm just saying this as a fellow blogger... it's best to keep your blogging visitors and audience happy with the amazing content you provide.

    Besides this, your "mommy" pictures here are cute! :)

  3. he's sweety!!! You're really lucky!!!

  4. I'm so glad that you've concluded that you're changing the way you blog (instead of quit altogether)! I hope you don't quit. When I read that you feel there's no place for your blog I thought! DUDE! How many young SA mommy bloggers do you know - in the fashion/beauty scene? I don't know many, but if they exist please tell me because I need more people I relate to. Of course there is a place for your blog! I am an avid reader, as a mom who shares your interests and I know many other moms need the inspiration! Keep at it girl.

    Love this post, and want to hear some mom stories!

  5. Hi babe, I just want to say it's completely normal what you're feeling! We all go through the to blog/not to blog dilemma at some point or another. What you need to remember is that all these readers here are here for YOU because YOU offer them something they can relate to... yes, sure there are a tonne of other fashion bloggers out there, but some of them have become so big now they might as well be fashion models that real people can no longer relate to. So stop comparing yourself and do not quit blogging! And yes, feel free to add more lifestyle and mummy posts, they're always the most fun to read! And oh my how much has little M grown, he's such a gorgeous little man. xx

  6. I love your blog babe! I think as a former blogger we have all been there - if not many times - but you know what, do what makes you happy. I'd personally love more beauty posts and more normal mommy/family posts like these with your baba and hubby, you have a beautiful family! Lots of Love x x PS-Although I don't always comment I religiously read your blog :)


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