Spree AW 2014 Event

4/14/2014 11:25:00 AM

On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to attend the Spree AW 2014 Launch event. The event showcased Spree's newly launched Menswear addition to their website and included a fashion show showing off the latest Autumn and Winter trends in their ladies &; mens range available on their website

A bit from Spree:  "Spree.co.za, South Africa’s leading online shopping site has launched their exclusive new men’s range. The ‘much talked about’ online shopping site, which celebrates its first birthday in April, now also offers men a range of  formal and casual wear designed and manufactured by top local and international clothing brands. The collection is made from top quality materials, specifically designed to capture the attention of  South African men,  offering them the opportunity to shop online for a range of items carefully selected to mix and match for every occasion."  

The event itself was spectacular... Lovely snacks, fashion faces all around but the clothes. Wow! The ladies AW range is nothing short of amazing, with so many on trend pieces. I, and many others at the event, am in love with the sequin maxi skirt. It is such a statement piece and is so versatile, you always need a fancy item of clothing around in your wardrobe that you can wear to many formal functions. Also am in desperate need of a pair of New Balance sneakers... I love sneakers for Winter. And Spree has such a great selection online

One of the greatest things about the event was meeting all the bloggers I've been online friends with for so long... Hugged and chatted with a few like we've been friends the entire time. Won't mention them all, in case I forget someone, but it was really fun to actually meet "in real life". 

With the lovely Yumna of Cooked Culture and Rushda of Rube's Closet. You are the sweetest two ladies and you both had me laughing the whole night through. Thanks for a fun night girls! 

Thank you the Spree team for a wonderful evening... I loved every second of it! 

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  1. You looked gorgeous!
    I don't think I would be able to pull off the skirt + sneakers look.

    Naeemah | The Jam Jar

    1. Thanks hun! :)
      That was one of my fave looks... I love the idea of a skirt & sneakers but too pull it off, hmm that's another story. ;) x

  2. Loved meeting u too Laiqah!! How true is it that we spent the night together like we knew each other for ages!!!! :)


  3. Ditto! It was awesome meeting you and then chatting as if we’ve been friends for ages.
    Rush xoxo

  4. You look amazing Lucky!
    The event looks so fun! :)

    1. Thank you love! It was really great! xx

  5. wooooow so cute!! amazing dear!!!


  6. You look amazing! That top is so beautiful!! :) Xx

  7. Ah would of been awesome to have met you! I have been seriously absent from the event circuit lately, a case of work getting in the way of work. Hope to meet you soon :)

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog


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