The Smart Girl's Guide to Gumtree

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Show of hands who of you reading have used Gumtree before? You know, those free classified's where you can buy and sell just about anything. It's something I've been using for years and today I thought give you a run down of the low down of how I use Gumtree... A Smart Girl's Guide to Gumtree
I've put together 3 categories which most peak my interest when browsing Gumtree. There are so many and you can easily get lost but if you know what you're looking for, buying and selling can be such a breeze. Plus, who doesn't love a good deal? I mean you must be a crazy person not to want to make and save money! 

1. Homemaker 
Soon my family and I will be moving and damn, brand new is expensive! We have gone window shopping and checked out prices and well furnishing a house ain't cheap. 
Since I'm a savvy shopper, I have been browsing the furniture section and there are totally gems to be found. Lounge suites, dining tables and chairs. My parents have found some real bargains (leather couches and stunning dining suites!) on Gumtree in the past and I'll be doing the same. 

2. Fashionista
Fashion? Yup, fashion! Clothes, shoes, accessories... You want it? Someone is selling it. Just think about all the clothes and shoes you have that are still in great condition? Well, you can sell them! 
From dresses, watches to unwanted Zara and Topshop clothing, the fashion section is really great. Sure you will find a few fakes, I mean a pair of designer sunglasses for R100? Common sense is your greatest tool when buying second hand. 
I have a major shoe problem and often buy pairs I don't wear but I will sell them on Gumtree soon and score some money for some new shoes! Yes!

3. Mommy Matters
Being a Mom can be daunting at first. Ask me how I was doing last year and I was a nervous wreck but now, I'm doing okay at this Mom thing. 
Last year my husband and I needed to buy a new car seat and Gumtree had so many options. If you think about it, there's only so much you can do with an infant car seat before you don't need it anymore. And infants can't really mess up a car seat! 
First time parents can find all they need at a good price... Cots, compactums, high chairs you name it. Babies are damn expensive, you'll be glad you saved that little extra by buying secondhand. 

You're probably wondering if buying and selling on Gumtree is risky... It can be but like I said above, common sense is your greatest tool when buying second hand. If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is. 
When meeting the seller, always meet in a public place. A shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon is a good idea. And if you have the person's full name, a little Google stalking wouldn't hurt either. Never meet anyone alone. Even if you go to busy Canal Walk on a Saturday, always take someone with you. No matter how great that Google stalking went and the person seemed totally normal online... Better safe than sorry! 

Buying second hand doesn't mean second best, it means saving money and that sound's like a really good deal to me! 

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  1. I shop on gumtree. I bought my first car on gumtree this year and hubby and i also looking to buy another car.
    Great post laiqah.

    1. Gumtree has some real gems hey! My Dad is always selling and buying cars on Gumtree too!

  2. Recently a friend of mine took his friend to meet a guy in a public place (BUSY garage) to sell his car to a buyer on Gumtree. He was held up at gunpoint and ordered to get into the car. They drove him and his friend around for hours before making off with the car and their wallets/phones etc

    It was a very traumatizing experience for them and it has really put me off selling items to random people especially since they had taken all the precautions (public place/take a friend)

    While it goes well for most people, there are also dangers involved and it can definitely go pear shaped. Be safe honey <3

    1. Oh wow, that is awful! I hope your friends are okay? I think selling and buying cars can be very risky... I do remember the story about the car being killed when he met someone to sell his car. But yes, there are risks and we just have to be aware. I know that my own Dad sells and buys cars regularly on Gumtree and hasn't had any bad luck in terms of that but all we can do is take extra precaution when buying/selling a car... Maybe meet at a police station? Or ask for the person to send through a copy of their ID before actually meeting.
      We live in a scary world hey! Hope your friends are fine though!


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