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5/06/2015 09:47:00 AM

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By now you should know that I'm a huge Gumtree fan and spend most of free time trying to find a great deal. Lately I've been considering selling my iPhone 5 and found the coolest tool to help me! 

The Gumtree Phone Price Checker does exactly what the name suggests. 
The oh so clever folks at Gumtree have built a tool that helps buyers and sellers get a good deal whether you're buying or selling your phone (most phone manufacturers.)

What does it do, how does it work? Simple! 
You simply select your phone's manufacturer and model and it works out the average price for that phone. 
Too cool right! 

I've put it to the test to see how much I could get for my iPhone 5 and phone price checker gave the following results.
I particularly loved the fact that they told me that if I sold my phone for less than the average I had a higher chance of it being sold faster and vice versa. 

The phone price checker aids me in a way where I can be realistic when I sell my iPhone with my asking price. There's no need to browse all the ad's to guess an estimate on how much to sell your used phone for, trust me, I've done this in the past when posting ad's on Gumtree and it ain't fun. 

Of course other factors besides price also come into play like phone brand and the condition the phone is in but at least the 'difficult' part of giving the right price won't deter you from selling on Gumtree. 

Have a look at Gumtree's cool Price Checker's over here and let me know what you think. 
Off I go to sell my iPhone 5, this Mamma wants a iPhone 6! ;)

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