Flormar Professional Make Up Review

6/18/2015 02:49:00 PM

By now, I'm sure you must have seen Flormar Professional Make Up popping up on your fave social media platforms and my review is long over due but I like to test the products for a few weeks to give you an accurate review and not just my first impression. I must will say that on first impression though, I had high hopes for the products going on visual appeal. Sleek packaging and vibrant colours, and the gold cased lipstick sure wowed! 

Flormar, born in 1970’s in the city of Milan of Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure. Taking its success a step forward after a short time beginning to operate in Turkey, Flormar  started to offer its product range from blush to foundation, eye shadow to mascara, lip stick to nail polish with high quality and budget prices to its consumers.
On to my review which I will include a brief summary of what Flormar says about the product and price and then what I think. 
Mono Eye shadow – R79.00
Flormar: Silky texture with a rich colour payoff. Colour transfer onto lids is smooth and rich in colour.

When I opened the box I was skeptical, I wasn't a blue eyeshadow kinda girl at all, but the bright colour choices didn't deter me away from the fact that they are buttery smooth and the shades are richly pigmented.

High performance Rotating Volume Mascara – R399.00
Flormar: With the 360° rotating brush, the Rotating Mascara provides a long lash and volume effect, covers eye lashes from the ends to the tips. The brush that turns both ways automatically enhances the eye lash holding performance and makes the application perfect.
First impressions, wow! I was quite surprised as I had never seen a rotating mascara before and was so excited (yet nervous) to use it.
It provides great volume, separates well and doesn't flake. It really is fast - the whole application takes a minute thanks to rotation. It's easy to use, because you can change the rotation direction which I thought was really fun. 
I come bearing gifs ;) Showing you how cool the rotating mascara is. 

Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo – R129.00
Special formula that combines the finest colour pigments with an infusion of last generation moisture - boosting complex. Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisturizing. Fights free radicals and reduces appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao butter gives hydration and protection to the lips with mild and soothing effect. A full basket of anti-oxidants loaded formula leaves lips wrapped in light glossy color, comfort, nourishing and protection.

My shade is a fun purple, D32 which in the tube looked like a shimmer overload but once I had it on my lips it had a good portion of moisture in it and it did not dry out my lips.

Wearing purple eyeshadow on my lower lash line, D32 Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo and the Rotating Volume Mascara.

Flormar Professional Make Up can be found online via Takealot.com (link!) or directly from their Beauty Bar's at Blue Route Mall and Kenilworth Centre. 
And follow them on instagram, here

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  1. U luk beautifull. Never heard of this brand before, will stop at KC on the weekend 2 check out.

    1. Ihlaam, their products are fantastic! Have a look online in the mean time, really good prices too. :)

  2. The lipstick looks so luxurious! Can't wait to try this new brand

  3. Great review and beautiful photos, Laiqah!


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